Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Paint My Roses

As promised my basic step by step of how I paint my roses.  For the most part this is how I do it and not necessarily a teaching you to paint tutorial.

I have a new tutorial posted...CLICK HERE

These are the layers of strokes to build a rose, so we are assuming you know how to double load a brush and your basic comma strokes, u strokes, etc.

I start with basing in the basic circular shape in the size of rose I want. I am not particular on them being prefect, just a general circular shape.


This post has been moved to our new site...please follow the link below or click on photo above to continue this lesson...

How to Paint a Rose



  1. Pamela,
    Beautiful roses. Loved the tutorial~you make it look so easy (but I know better) I have yet to perfect the rose. Sometimes mine turn out looking pretty good and other time they look oh so sad. I've noticed that it really depends on my mood and if I "see" the rose in my head. Does that make sense?
    I have a couple of friends that can paint just about any rose, sure wish I had their talent. Seeing your post has inspired me not to give up.
    Beautiful sign that you did~Love it!

  2. Thanks for the instructions ! Your Saloon sign is wonderful !

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your technique! I think your roses are just great and I'm going to follow your steps and try it, but in the past I haven't been able to make one look nice. Do you reload for each stroke, or does each loading do a few strokes? Thanks again, Pam!

  4. You do make it look so easy. I'd love to learn how to do this, so maybe I'll give it a try. Your sign is adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  5. My goodness, you've made me want to start painting again! Love your rose technique and you do indeed make it look easy. I used to paint garden signs to sell and now I am going to have to paint some more! Tx for the kick start.

  6. Your roses are simply stunning. I had been looking for a tute on how to paint roses and here it is. great tutorial. thank you so much for sharing.

  7. I enjoyed your rose tutorial, showing it to several friends. We all agree its harder than you make it look! I'm interested in knowing what method you are learning now. Can you share that with us?

  8. It's party time at Debt Free Mommy Blog and we'd love to see you there! Please come join us and link up to Making Space Mondays. We'd love to see any post(s) about making your spaces better. Thanks, Tabitha

  9. What brand of brush do you use the most?

    1. I would say my favorite brushes are the Loew Cornell 7300 series. I use mostly the flats but I also use some filberts. My favorite sizes in the flats are the 12 and 10. And in the filberts 6, 8.

  10. Seems to be so easy to paint roses :) . Especially yellow roses ! I love your technique !
    Thank you for the tutorial .

  11. Wow what a beautiful rose, You are so talented.
    I know how hard it is to paint roses, I'm still learning too, see my link it shows lol.
    Thank you so much for sharing how to 's. I'm sure I will be having a go.
    Your work is sooooo good.
    Thank you again



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