Monday, September 10, 2012

The Latest Chicks

I know many are awaiting current photos of my latest hatch.  My Brinsea Advanced Incubator makes hatching a clutch of eggs a breeze. This is the fifth hatch since I bought it last Spring.

Here is a photo of my ‘girls’ (I am determined this batch are all hens) still inside the incubator lounging in its warmth the first hours after breaking free of their shells.


They were rather fatigued from the tough fight to escape those tough shells.  They have perked right up over the past days.


They are Black Copper Marans that lay the very dark brown eggs.  Out of 6 eggs only 3 were fertile so Mr Rooster was not keeping up. 


Once they are big enough they will join the rest of my brood. My Swedish Flower rooster is getting big and he is a handsome boy.  He herds these hens all about the place letting them know who is boss.


One of my Swedish Flower hens, she does not sport the top knot that her sister does but she is still pretty.


Here the sister is hiding behind the Buff.  She rather reminds me of a Klingon.


I have been allowing them out of the pen to scratch and bug catch in my back yard, I toss some grain in a patch I want them to weed for me.  They do a good job if I can get them to stay in one spot long enough. 


This young lady is a Black Star.


Do you remember me mentioning I am learning a new (to me) painting technique?  First off I have to mix up my palette in the color wheel.  I have already made a mistake.

I learned that when they say a touch of black they mean the tiniest drop.  The toned yellow turned out more brown so I had to remix in the next block. 

Sheesh, I have not even applied the brush to it and I am already dinkin’ it up.


I did manage to make it to painting the first rose and quite frankly it is lousy but I will keep it always so that I can see my progress.  I forgot to photo it today but I will. 

Until next time..



  1. Those chicks are so cute. The rooster is very handsome. You have quite a brood there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful chickens! The babies are so dark, I would not have even known they were chickens if I saw one.

  3. I just love these chicks and all the chickens. :) Thanks for sharing.


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