Monday, September 3, 2012

Home From Strawberry


It feels great to be home.  The Strawberry Festival was packed and I enjoyed it even if I wracked up my ankle again and had to come home early Sunday. 

The weather played nice and the crowds were a happy lot.  We had fun and a lot of laughs.  We are a good team and sometimes I am amazed at what we can get accomplished against all odds. I think that is true of any good team that puts egos aside for the common good.

I am recovering today as best I can and the swelling in my ankle is receding.  I can hobble a bit more comfortably than I was this morning so I am definitely on the mend.

I am ready to get back to work around here and get some projects done on the house and garden before winter hits. I have a list a mile long but I will be happy with getting a few items ticked off of it. 

I found a sign that I think I need, I love it and thought I would share!


Click on the sign to go to the website that carries it if you need one too.

I have a few signs to paint and some painting lessons in a new style of painting to learn.  I can’t wait to get started and I will be sure to share my practice with you.

I came home to a clean house (thank you oh husband of mine)and laundry done.  There was a plant or two that did not make it under his tender care but he did try and it was an annual anyways so no long term harm done.

Now it is time to go watch the painting instruction videos.  Ta ta…









  1. So sorry about your ankle. Happy you had a nice time though. The sign makes me smile. Hugs and wishes for a lovely week ahead.


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