Sunday, October 9, 2011

A great day!

I seemed to accomplish many things on my long list of chores.  I was able to get a couple tomato plants yanked up and buckets of chicken manure compost dumped in those beds.  I am wanting to plant my delphiniums I started from seed this past spring in that spot soon. 

The yanked up plants were loaded with tomatoes still, mostly green, I did retrieve the ones turning red and have them on my kitchen counter to continue ripening, this variety is a sauce tomato.  The ones to the right are Brandywines and I am going to leave those for another week in high hopes of getting some more to ripen.  I have a lone deer coming around at night taking a bite out of any he can access so I left some on the ground for him to nibble. 

We have had our first frost, a light one but still a frost.  It did not prove fatal for my geraniums or even my Angels Trumpet.


I need to move that one to my mom’s sunroom to overwinter, I just do not have anywhere that gets enough light to keep it healthy. 

I still have a few Casablanca lilies trying to bloom.  What a lovely way to end my growing season, one last hurrah, a beautifully scented one.  I may have to cut it and bring it in the house. 


I whipped out my D40 for dummies book again, I learned some new things on the information panel, like how to get the battery life info and how many photos the SD card will hold.  The one I have now says 2000 photos, not bad at all.  I also learned how to manipulate settings with one button instead of having to go into the menu area.  The more I am learning the more I get the feeling I should’ve done this long ago!

I took some photos of my Japanese Maples. 


The one above I do not know the name of, but the one below is Cherokee Red.


Then Spring Delight. This one stays this delightful bright green all season long. 


I started working on the shawl I mentioned in my last post.  Here is the first half of a motif.  It is an intermediate in difficulty pattern but not bad, you just have to pay attention, once I get the pattern down it will move faster but I am already liking it.
I did get stuck on one unfamiliar stitch.  I Googled it and up pops a great site called “Learn A Stitch A Day” and it had a step by step video that was perfect.  I never would’ve figured it out on my own.

I love the internet!

Unfortunately the color of the yarn is not coming thru true in the photo but you get the drift.


I think I will go work on it now.  A nice way to unwind after a busy day! 
Enjoy your evening!
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  1. My favorite trees - Japanese Maples! So pretty.

  2. I love that Cherokee Japenese Maple. Just beautiful. They are one of the best part of Fall. Enjoy!

  3. My goodness but those photo's make me want a new camera! The lily looks very healthy and very happy. Great photo's...

  4. Wow amazing images for someone who is just tinkering a DSLR! I think you are already a photographer using just another model, haha! BTW, may i know the details of your lens? I love your composition and details especially on the red leaf and the last photo.


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