Thursday, October 13, 2011

Painting a Bookcase

You first spotted my bookcase in this last post, Pottery Barn Knock off My Way,  I was using it as a work table at the moment in my overly crammed studio.


This was one of those pieces from an unfinished furniture store, I have had it forever and it is fairly beat up.  I am giving it a make over as I will need it for display in a local shop that has offered me some space for my art.  Taking decent photos of it was impossible since I could not get around it very well in the limited space.  Painting it was just as interesting, I get used to contorting myself. 


I base painted it in the creamy white, used some Elmer’s white glue for a crackle then painted the sky blue over it.  The inside of the shelves are the creamy white.
I had to step outside the studio for this shot, you cannot see the crackle finish but trust me it did turn out nice.


I had just started on the back today with some oops paint, in a nasty slimy yellow shade.  I will go over it with the cream in case the back will be used for some display as well.


It was a gorgeously warm and sunny day for October.  I am soaking up all the warmth I can before real winter hits. 

I will be sure to get photos of my stuff in the shop once I take it there. 

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating


  1. Very cool. You could put peg board on the back with wood spacers under to hang signs. I had done that and it worked wonderfully. I just love your signs.

  2. I bet you sale a lot of signes. They are so nice. Love your workshop. We all need a go to place to our "stuff".


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