Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paris Café shabby roses cottage sign

It has been awhile since I painted a Paris Café sign and I have had a couple inquiries. It was time and I have the perfect vintage board from a house built in 1938. I love all the character that old lumber can provide. Nicks, dings and nail holes.

Paris Café sign


I have a few signs I have completed recently and I need to get them listed on my website. I better do that tomorrow if I can.
This sign was special ordered but then the customer backed out.  I did not mind as I figured it would do well on my website. I may do more with a floral theme. I had not thought to do any in Spanish before so this was fun.

Abuelita’s Jardin sign


And a new Nana’s Garden sign. Lot’s of hydrangeas on this one.


I am working on my Subway Art signs, as they are in demand.  They are most challenging for me as I prefer painting flowers but when you are in business you go for what the customer wants. But I am starting to get into it and I may place some inspirational sayings in my own home.

I am also working on a tutorial of the Saloon sign, I cut the board out today then realized it was too short to add roses to, so I have to find another old board long enough so the post and tutorial shall be delayed.  So sorry. Smile

Au Revoir!
Come on in and see what else I have been up to

shabby creek cottage


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