Monday, July 30, 2012

A Bright Spot in My Garden

Last week was our anniversary, 15 years of wedded bliss.  Or as close as you can get.

One bright spot in our lives is our nephews, they are sweet, funny, bundles of energy. And they think we are rather special too.

Driving with their parents one day the nearly 5 year old and 3 year old spot some plastic pink Flamingos.  You know, the tacky garden art variety.  They announce that Auntie Pam NEEDS some for her garden.

Benjamin was most likely doing what he does best, snoozing.
(one of his favorite spots, Uncle Dave’s lap)


Mom and Dad agree that Pink Flamingos would make an excellent gift and off they go hunting down a pair.

  They only looked as far as Lowes and to the horror of the employee in the garden department (also a close friend of ours) they actually do carry them.  It was news to him as no one has ever ordered them before.

So now we are sporting two fabulously luscious PINK flamingos.  Personalized, of course.

Meet Auntie Pam Flamingo (complete with a flower in her hair)


And Uncle Dave Flamingo (carting his cell phone). Everyone knows Uncle Dave always has his cell phone. 


They proudly set in a prominent place and will always be visible.  This winter they will provide a lovely spark of color amongst the snow.  Don’t you think?

I love them, I think they are so fun!

It is starting to get dark, time for me to go turn on my Scarecrow.  You might remember him from my last post


My new one came in today for the back yard.  Be gone you plant eating critters!

Next time I will share some signs I have been working on.



  1. What a sweet and loving aunt you are! I'd flaunt those pink flamingos with pride, as I see you're already doing. Thanks for joining my party!

  2. Such a cute story! Love your flamingos, so much fun, enjoy!

    Happy Rednesday!

  3. Pink flamingos have been around forever. I still see them occasionally. They never seem to lose their appeal.

  4. Sweet! I love it!!! A few years ago I found mini flamingoes at the dollar store so I had them in all my pots - so campy but I loved it!



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