Thursday, July 26, 2012

End of July Flowers

I know you have all missed me, and I have missed checking in here.  I have had a crazy non-stop fun lovin’ week. A lot of work cleaning vacation homes, (people are coming to the mountains in droves)so by the time I come home I am done in.

The weekend was filled with an overnight stay of the nephews.  It was baby Benjamin’s first time and he was an angel.  Giving his Auntie Pam his sweet smile first thing in the morning..


...while his brothers slept on (Auntie Pam wore them out)This was taken at 9am Sunday morning, dead to the world. They had their stuffed animal menagerie in that bed with them.  I think Eeyore is peeking out from underneath.


Even with my days cram packed I have taken time to enjoy my garden each morning with my coffee so join me for a little tour.
One of my hydrangeas, it is just gorgeous..


My Peace rose has finally bloomed, it took its sweet time but what a show.



I have Mardi Gras rose growing in a pot on my back deck.  I love how the colors fairly glow.


The trumpet lilies perfume the entire garden, they are nearly done blooming now but the oriental lilies are getting ready to perform next. 


The trombolina zucchini continues to grow at an alarming rate. 


And soon we will be noshing on these in abundance. These are the best zucchini you can get, they stay firm in texture when cooked, not all mushy.  Can you see it hiding in there, the lighter green trombone shaped thing.


This is Cerise Queen yarrow, I love the bright color. Who says a water conserving plant has to be dull…


My phlox are beginning, and I am keeping the deer away from them

with my new best friend.

Meet my hero…


When a flower munching deer comes within 30 feet of this bad boy it shoots a scary blast of water.   It is unmerciful, even to me. Ask me how I know.

But I forgive him for squirting me, because it WORKS! 

This is what the deer have done to my morning glories out back.


This is the before..

And this is the sad after..


I had to move the Scarecrow to the front garden as the deer started to denude my roses. So the back is unprotected.  I cover what I absolutely have to protect but I ordered a second Scarecrow and that will be the end of the deer dessert bar out back as soon as it gets here and I can install it!

I may have to order a 3rd for the side yard and though the Scarecrow is not cheap it is less expensive than fencing the place. 

With being so busy in the cleaning business I have not been able to paint this week.  I miss it so.

I have a few pieces of furniture I wish to get painted too. All in good time, I must work while the workin’ is good and it is excellent exercise.

Yesterday was our 15th wedding anniversary so tonight my Honey and I are going to a nice dinner, then this weekend we are just going to do something frivolous, not sure what all yet but it will be fun!

Enjoy your evening!


  1. What a busy bee you are. You're also brave to take all three of your nephews at one time. You must have a lot of energy.
    Love your garden and I'm intrigued with the
    "Scarecrow". I'm going to look into one of these.
    Deer have no boundaries and even a fence doesn't stop them, sometimes.
    Glad you're back.

  2. So you are going to post pictures of your latest additions to your garden...right?? I mean they were a anniversary present from your precious little nephews!! ;)

  3. Your flowers are amazing!! Any non-chemical way of getting rid of garden pests is good in my book. :)

    Mrs. Petrie @


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