Monday, July 2, 2012

More Garden Flowers

If you are back to enjoy another garden tour you will not be disappointed.  The flowers are flourishing this summer. 
Last year I added a new daisy, it is called Crazy Daisy and I just love it.

Its frilly and fanciful.


And just plain fun!


I actually have 3 Crazy Daisy plants placed about, and they are all unique.  The one above has short and fluffy petals, while its sister, below has long lacy petals that drape elegantly.


There is an abundance of blossoms on each plant. 


I don’t think Crown Princess Margareta likes the spot she is in, she has not done well at all the past two summers so come Fall I shall move her.  This is the best bloom I have gotten from her so far. 


I was quite pleasantly surprised to find this clematis blooming on the same trellis as William Baffin rose.  I had forgotten I planted a clematis with each climbing rose.  This one is more blue that Warsaw Nike, I just cannot recall the name.


I love when things cross pollinate. This is larkspur, the pink has crossed with the purple.  I had another like this last year in an entirely different part of the garden.




The Black Eyed Susans have just begun to bloom.  The will carry on from now until frost providing non-stop happy color.


A overall view from the side street.


As I have mentioned before though yellow and orange seem to have taken over I do have some pink flowers still too.

Petal Pusher roses


a delicate pink yarrow.


And a late blooming iris in lavender.


Of course there is Audrey…my trombolina zucchini starting to creep out of the hot bed.  I need to build a sturdy trellis for her.


My very first David Austin English rose, I bought it on clearance eons ago.  I had heard a little about the English roses when I spotted this poor guy, it was on clearance because it looked so poorly. I don’t know if the nursery failed to care for it properly or what but it was to my benefit.  I felt sorry for it and took it home on the cheap and fell in love with how English roses perform in my garden.

Graham Thomas


I will leave you with one of my latest favorites.  this little delicate rose is a trooper.  The delicate little white roses cover this thing, and are not bigger than a nickel.  This lovely little trooper blooms along the ground and roots wherever it touches. 

It adds an airy feel to the garden.


I am glad you could join me for this latest edition of my garden. 

All it needs is Pink Flamingos!  I have two personal scouts out tracking me down some as we speak.  Smile

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  1. Your flowers are lovely, and wow--what a cool larksput! Take care, and have a happy 4th!

  2. How wonderfully colorful! Love the larkspur too. It's too hot here for much of anything to bloom, so it's refreshing to see your garden. Happy 4th!

  3. Wow, you have some beautiful daisies...had them for my wedding!

  4. I love the fanciful daisies and the other photos show that yours must be an incredible garden. Just beautiful!

  5. Hi Pam, I like your crazy daisies! Daisies are a very cheerful flower and yours are especially so. The lavender iris is lovely as well.

  6. That larkspur is crazy!!! I'm going to do some daisies in my mom's yard this fall. Maybe one of each kind. Such a cool plant. Loved your blooms today...hope you find your birds:).

  7. Oh! You have an amazing garden! I think I said that before didn't I? :)
    That new Crazy Daisy is darling. I have a couple of varieties as well. They
    are just so sweet.

    Thank you for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday! :)


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