Monday, June 4, 2012

More Garden and Cottage signs

It rained today.  A torrential downpour that I hope was enough to water my garden well and wash away the heavy pollen that coated everything.  If we must get rain in June, let it be beneficial for something.

With that bit of news it may surprise you that at 5:30am I was in the garden enjoying a lovely walk through with my coffee in hand. 

Blue skies prevailed at first and I have some fresh blooms to share.

This is Boysenberry Truffle or some such name Iris. It is simply stunning.


The photos fail to show the amber glow that comes from underneath but trust me it is unusual and lovely.


The blue of the Dutch Iris’ is refreshing. My Butterfly Delphiniums come close to this tone but few other flowers are such a pure blue.

blue dutch iris

The Abraham Darby English rose is chock full of blooms, maybe it was that bucket load of chicken manure I dumped at it’s feet last Fall. (aged, of course)

abraham darby english rose

We are to get near freezing temps tonight, I hope it does not harm the flowers.  What a shame for them to get burnt edges from too cold temps.

abraham darby english rose bush

This Heritage climbing English rose is flourishing as well. I am aiming it to climb the porch rail. 

heritage english rose

This was supposed to be my Zephirine Drouhin rose but I am thinking it looks more like William Baffin now that it is blooming.  Hmm, I know I had one of each and I was in a hurry to get them in the ground when I moved back 2 years ago so anything is possible.

zepherine drouhin rose

This little sweet pink rose is climbing the side of my studio along with a wisteria that wants to take over, I cannot recall the rose’s name but it was a vintage climber from Antique Rose Emporium. 


Now, I would like a bit of feedback on a couple of signs I am working on.  First the You Are my Sunshine sign..I left the gap so I could add some decorative element…I am thinking some light happy Daisy’s.  what do you think???

The white petals and bright yellow centers would be a bright touch without overwhelming the text..


this one I also have some space and I was not sure what will look better for a bit of embellishment.  I know many prefer just the text but I like a little bit of design to make it unique.  Any ideas?

I will be adding them to my website once they are finished.


I have been getting so many nice comments on my Shabby Bench.  I had to move it into the house today because of the rain, now I think it needs a cushion, it may be staying.

It has been a slow day today, I have been learning a new platform for my website.  The software I used to create my website is now outdated, unsupported and not completely compatible with Windows 7.  I have back doored it to make it work but I know I need to move over to a different way of creating a website and managing it.  In the process I will slowly revamp and organize it a bit better.

That is my goal, at least, I do tend to put too many things on my list and overwhelm myself. 

I wish you a peaceful evening..
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  1. The flowers are so pretty. Love the iris. The signs are adorable. I remember singing the sunshine song as a child. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  2. Hi Pam, The sunshine sign makes me think of my uncle who, so many years ago, would sing that song to wake us kids up in the morning when I stayed over at my cousin's. Nice memories! And I think daisies or maybe sunflowers would be perfect for your sign. (We had no rain here in my part of the valley but lots of wind and at least cooler temps!)

  3. What pretty blooms!! Love your signs too.

  4. your garden is so pretty, pam! love the daisy idea for your awesome signs:)

  5. The pink climbing rose is amazing. Love your Butterfly Delphiniums, too! Popping over from Bloomin' Tuesday.

  6. WOW! Both of your Irises are absolutely stunning!

  7. Beautiful irises! I, too, remember singing You are my Sunshine as a child.

  8. Beautiful Iris and roses. Love your signs too ♥

  9. The bearded iris at the top is gorgeous.
    I think either daisies or pansies with their happy faces would look nice on the first sign.

  10. That Boysenberry Truffle Iris is a stunner! Loved your idea of adding daisies to your 'You Are My Sunshine' sign.

  11. Freeze? Oh my, in June? Your signs are very nice, I suggest a swirly line or stencil in the break of the words...under braver and under happy (yellow).....too much would draw the eye to the drawing and take away form the redneck two cents worth... :)

  12. Hi Pamela, Your English rose is just gorgeous, as are your iris. Have a great wknd!

  13. I just love your Boysenberry truffle iris. I'll have to look that up I'd love to have one of those.....I'd like to invite you to share your lovely garden at link party.......have a wonderful week!

  14. Your irises are lovely as are the other blooms in your post! Larry

  15. You are soooo right I am totally drooling over these gorgeous flowers. This is such an inspirational post. Thanks so much for sharing! I would love it if you would link this to our WIW blog party. Hope you can join us!


  16. What beautiful blooms you had!! I love the irises in particular. Thanks for sharing such great pictures.


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