Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Rules signs and a Garden walk

I have been busy working on some subway art signs for my website.  This is my Family Rules sign.  

A vintage white background, different shades of charcoal lettering and a bit of shadowing along the edges.

family rules sign

I have also done one in a black background and ivory white lettering. 

blackfamily rules

I also plan on making these customized with the names of the family.
Now that I have shared that I want to take you on another garden walk.  I love this time of year, every morning brings a new bloom to enjoy.

Though this Iris is more subtle in color, the contrast is quite stunning and this flower has the sweet scent of the old fashioned flags. 


This is the first year my Bourbon clematis has bloomed, it is such a rich deep red (much deeper than it shows on the screen).  This one won’t climb higher than 4 feet but I don’t mind, it is planted in an area where I sit to enjoy my morning coffee so it is always at eye level.


A friend passed this Iris on to me, I do not know it’s name but I enjoy it the striking colors.


My Happy Chappy ground cover rose.  This little guy blooms in various shades of orange, yellow and pink all summer long and fills in a rather drab area bringing it to life.


My surprise Corn cockle.  It is a surprise as I do not remember planting the seeds in this spot.  Before it bloomed I thought it was a Bachelor button, I know I moved a Bachelor Button here last Fall.  I love it even if it is not the Bachelor Button.


Oh how I wish the colors were true on this one.  It is really a rich royal purple, but just imagine this covering the trellis on my back stairs.  This is Warsaw Nike clematis, one of the toughest I have owned and it blooms forever!


I can’t do it justice but I gave it a whirl.


Golden Celebration English rose


Some old fashioned sweet peas to perfume the walk.  These had reseeded themselves from last year, you gotta love that. 


Don’t you just love Spring? 


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  1. I have that same stencil!
    That sign is one of my best sellers!!

  2. Gorgeous flowers~ your Golden Celebration English Rose is stunning!

  3. LOVELY! I love your signs too! :) We are going to have sweet peas next year in the garden! I think they are so cute. :)

    Thank you so much for joining in for Fresh-Cut-Friday! :)


  4. Your flowers are all very beautiful. The Golden Celebration English Rose is truly gorgeous. And your signs look fabulous.
    I hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. I love the signs. Your garden looks great with lovely clematis and other beautiful blooms. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Your family rules signs are so cute! Your garden is lovely, too.

    Linking from Rose Vignettes,
    Ricki Jill

  7. Yes I love spring too!!! Your flowers are beautiful of course--but those two signs are more then wonderful !! They are perfect!!

  8. Love this! Featuring you tomorrow...XO, Aimee


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