Wednesday, January 25, 2012

They’re Growing!

Not long ago I posted about finding some exciting new colors (to me) of Christmas (and or Thanksgiving) Cactus and ordering some cuttings to start. 
Here they are all snug in their new pots.


Yesterday I lifted their dome and was checking them to see if they needed any water and what did I find???  Some new growth, already!   here is one…


And here is the other. 


I had not anticipated such quick results!  They must like it here.  Smile 
I had mentioned our leaking roof, and here is the nasty looking ceiling the water coming thru made…



Actually, this type of bulging and damage spreads further but you get the picture.  Sigh!

On an even happier note I have been slaving over a computer keyboard getting our accounts in order preparing to do our taxes.  Now that is real fun!  (read with dripping sarcasm)

I am still wanting to dig in and find my grow lights, I have got to get some seeds started!  I have so many new plants I want to grow this year.  New to me anyways.
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  1. I know what you mean about the dripping part, both the leak and sarcasm. We're doing bathroom renovations and taxes. Thanks so much for letting me know about my comments section. I hit the wrong button in my settings and have now changed it. I hope it works properly now. Congratulations on your new green sprouts! They're lovely to see any time of the year.

    1. The new sprouts really put me in the mood to get my grow racks and lights set up. I need to take a day to dig them out of the garage. Can't wait to start my seeds!

  2. I could hear your excitement as I read your post of your cactus cuttings. Thats always fun and exciting. Oh your leak sounded dreadful and I have a similar thing going on. It's not a leak but a crack in the ceiling that runs the length of our family room. We have had really dry weather here in N FL and in that area of our house the house has shifted apparently underneath because of the dryness. One portion of the ceiling looks a little like where your leak took place. We have engineers looking at it as well as air conditioning people, plumbers, ceiling men, you name it and we have tried to eliminate all possibilities of causes from above the area. We built our home 31 years ago and this is a first. It is always something with a house isn't it? I hope you get yours repaired soon.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

    1. Yikes, your family room dilemma sounds hairy. Hope it gets fixed soon. We have some cracks in our ceiling upstairs but them started when we had such heavy snows last year. We figure all that extra weight did a number on things. Another thing on the list to be fixed.

  3. They look very happy! Sorry about the water damage. :( That can be hard to find the root cause. My husband is working on our taxes - grumble, grumble, grumble. I just stay out of his way!

  4. I got a break today from taxes, which was refreshing. I had my 2 and 4 year old nephews, we went to the park and just had fun. Tomorrow I have to dig back in on taxes but they will soon be over.

  5. YEAH! SO exciting to see green. I am so ready for spring. SO sorry about your ceiling too, what a pain. Good luck with the taxes.

  6. Loving the growth! How exciting! We had a leaking ceiling once...NO FUN! Although it never leaked again thankfully!!! What a bummer deal! We're in denial about getting taxes going...YIKES! Fun post friend!!! Thanks for sharing at Overflowing with Creativity! Here's a link in case you want to register for my giveaway!

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    XO, Aimee


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