Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Winter Walk!

My day has been willy nilly.  I had big plans for this day but all have gone awry.  I will graciously concede defeat and enjoy what I did accomplish.  Some much needed cleaning for one but that is just plain boring so I won’t go into details.  

As in many other locales we have been enjoying unseasonably warm and sunny weather.  Last year at this time the ground looked like this…not a lot of snow (much from the big Nov storm had melted) but it was still snow.


Whereas as right now this is what my front yard looks like.  Not a lick of snow or any sign of any coming soon.  (I am prepping this flower bed for all new plantings this Spring and Summer)


Yesterday we (my hubby and I) decided to take a walk, we really need to do this daily but life interferes or just our sheer laziness. We certainly cannot blame the weather, that would be an out and out lie!

I am not a winter person, I think it is the colorlessness of the season in general, if it is not white or dirty white (once the snow gets dirty) then it is the muted greys and browns of the landscape.  So I must look hard for interesting things to photograph along the way.  This is a neighbors Wisteria.  It smothers this fence when in full bloom and it blooms sporadically all summer.  


The creek is still rather low, no rain or snow up higher to feed it. 


The moon was visible in a blue sky, now there was some color. And, of course, I must not forget that we live amongst evergreens so that is a plus.

  As we walked down to the lake you could feel the temperature drop dramatically. 


But because of the warmth of the past month we were surprised by the thin layer of ice on the lake.  It did not cover the entire lake it was at either end, see how much brighter it is?


Here is the other end of the lake.


Oh and look its Bigfoot!  Nah, that is just my handsome honey being goofy.  He was trying to make this a very aerobic walk and I kept stopping to take photos.  Instead of just walking on ahead and making me jog to catch up to him he would crisscross the road in front of me.

(the blurriness of the photo makes me think of all the supposed shots of the mysterious creature called Bigfoot thus my reference to him)


He can sure be a nut sometimes and make me laugh.  

I liked this shot, the setting sun shining on his face.  But it would’ve been better if I had videoed him, he was still being goofy and I could’ve use it for blackmail. Smile 
Though you would not know it from this photo, it looks sedate enough.  Oh how very deceiving a mere photo can be!


I was still trying hard to get interesting shots and I was using just my point and shoot camera, my DSLR was still having its battery charged. 


Cattails in winter…


Wild blackberries trying to clamber over the pathway. 


The ice is actually much thicker than I had thought, some folks had tested it by tossing logs out onto it.


A shot of the bare Aspens against the sky. Dusk was starting to descend,  the temperature drops swiftly when the sun goes behind the trees!


Oh, how I love where we live!  I need to do a walking post at the first of each month to see how it changes, even if I have to do it in the cold snow.  eek.

I did put the finishing coats of varathane on my new worktable today.  After my hair appt. tomorrow I will see about starting on some new signs again.  I can already tell the addition of my worktable is going to make it so much easier thus enjoyable for me to work in the studio!

Have a fabulous afternoon!



  1. What exquisite photos, Pamela. Feel like I am walking with you.
    TTFN ~
    Have a great week ~

  2. Those are some great pictures! I love the "Cattails in the winter" picture, it looks like a great subject for a painting! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

  3. I had to laugh when I read how hubby was crisscrossing in front of you and being so goofy. That sounds just like something my Yankee would do.

    Love the shots of the lake. Everything looks so peaceful.

    Hope to see you at Time Travel Thursday this year! ;)

    Happy New Year!
    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  4. Beautiful shots. However my world today is all white for about the 4th time so far but only the last 2" stayed so maybe it will remain white now until spring.

  5. Hi Pam, you left a nice comment on my blog and I thought I would visit yours to see what you are up to. I have was happy to find out that you are also living in California. Thanks for taking us on this nice walk! I love the photo with the clear blue sky, the moon still visible and the pines. Looking forward to returning to your blog for further visits!

  6. Don't mention Big Foot around your nephew's....every since your oldest nephew(the 13 yr old) thought he got a shot of Big foot in the back yard Jackson (the 4yr old) has been on a Big Foot kick....some days he comes running in saying "I am scared I just heard a Big Foot"!! :)

  7. You should frame tha "Cattails in Winter" photo. It's really beautiful.
    Where is the snow this winter? I want SNOW. You are higher than us and you don't have any either. It's a sad Winter. Maybe sometime this month the storm door will open and surprise us.

  8. I love your photos - and I agree with "farmlady" who said you should frame the cattails photo. Thanks for sharing these pictures!

  9. Hi Pam,
    WOW you are very talented with the camera and I love all your pics. It seems most of the country is warmer then normal this year. We here in Texas hit 72 degrees today and very unusual for Jan.
    Sure enjoyed your post and my visit. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. So nice to see you. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings in the new year, Hugs, Celestina Marie


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