Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chairs and Roses

A few months back I started on these poor old things


And I did a post of chalk paint vs Rustoleum on them


Then I took it further and decided to paint a motif on the seats.


I did not care for it at all and I could not figure out why.

image  I know the rose on the back had to go, so I painted over it with the white.  And I like it better.  But still the seat was lacking. 
I was just going to strip them down and reupholster it with some old ticking or something but have not been inspired at all to do a thing. 

I have been using them as is in my sewing room and after awhile I started to like the roses on the seat but felt it was still missing something.  Too bland or sedate..
So I took the other seat (still unpainted at this point) and put a little bit different design on it and added a bit more color. 


I think it needs some daisies still but I know adding a bit of a darker pink and the lavender helped a lot, at least to my eyes.

To gussy this one up more I will add some other flowers and maybe go over a rose or two with the darker pink .


Here they are together in my sewing room, please forgive the less than stellar photographs, it was dark in my sewing area and I was in a hurry.


They already dress up my rather chaotic sewing space.  I hope to get better shots of them once the sun shines again.

Not to shabby for a couple of thrift store cheapie finds.

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  1. Pam, I love the way you paint your roses and wish I could learn that way.

    1. I really do need to get to those rose painting video tutorials for everyone. I have been trying to master the video camera and find our tripod!

  2. I think these chairs are charming. I love the painting you did on the seats. I think that not painting the back with flowers was a good choice.
    Sure wish I could paint like you.
    Nice job!

  3. I envy your ability to paint so beautifully. My mother used to be able to do that.

    I just read your Rustoleum vs. Chalk paint post. I just painted a couple of chairs and decided to go with the Rustoleum too and sure am glad I did. Saved a ton of time and I love that I don't need to wax it. Of course, I think chalk paint is so costly....well I think I spent more on spray paint than I would have on chalk paint. I will now spend the day trying to upholster them...yikes!

  4. How pretty! I love old wooden chairs. Wish I could paint like that!

  5. They are beautiful Pam! I love the roses, very shabby chic. I like both paints and it depends on what I am painting, if it is too big to sand down (I am lazy) I will use the chalk paint but if I can sand it and spray it, I am all about that. :) I can't always afford the chalk paint either.

  6. I always love your roses... you do such a beautiful job! I agree that the chair looks better without the rose on the back piece, but I don't know why. Maybe if you had just a striped fabric on the seat, then the rose on the back would look good there?


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