Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An eye opener for me!

On the Clock, page 58
Vegetables tell time. Flowers follow a schedule. Tapping in to your garden’s circadian rhythms reveals the secret to knowing the best times to plant.
By Michele Owens

The article above from the February/March 2012 issue of Organic Gardening answered some questions that had bugged me for awhile.

Such as why will my Cilantro planted from seed in late winter thrive and produce (in the greenhouse) and what I plant later in the season just goes right to flowering and seed? Even though the temperature was not much different. (I had read earlier that cilantro was effected by temperature)
The opening line of the article: 

“Like comedy, vegetable gardening is all about timing.”

I knew that day length affected plants like strawberries thus the different cultivars like “day neutral” or June bearing and everbearing but I was clueless that it also was responsible for other plants success or failures to produce. 

Not only day length but the latitude can have a bearing on the success of production.  Who knew?

I am always learning something new when it comes to gardening.

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