Thursday, January 19, 2012

It works! Happy Days!

On the 15th I wrote a blog post and mentioned that my DSLR camera stopped working out of the blue, taking photos one second then the next all I get is soft clicks when I depress the shutter button.


I researched it, looked up forums, recharged the battery (though I had just recharged it days before and normally it lasts for months) and did just about everything I could think of except take it apart.  I figured I would just take it to a professional and see what was up.

All I could see was $$$$$ flying out the window but I figured it was less expensive than a new camera, though I am dying for my upgrade.  I am being good and that is a future purchase, AFTER I replace some much needed things around here. 

The camera sat on our kitchen table, taunting me in its deadness.  My husband, in all his techno genius, suggested I pick it up and try it again.  I do so but the the camera just made it’s sad clicking noise.  My oh so brainy husband then tells me to hold it tight.

Clueless as to his intent I did so.  He reaches out and gives it a good hard smack!

I was horrified to say the least.  At first.  Then I tried to take a photo and here is what I got.


Can you believe it??  I was so excited I ran and took some photos to see if it was a fluke or if it was going to continue working.

My Ladies enjoying their breakfast.


Tyler the cat posing on our garden bench..  I still need to paint those legs.


My wonderful worktable in use.  See the legs of my buffet table on the bottom shelf.  The more I use my table the more I love i!


I am so thrilled to have a working camera again.

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I have been trying out its features and watching the Tutorials (a great aid). 

Enjoy your day!


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