Thursday, June 30, 2011

A comparison…chalk paint and Rustoleum heirloom white.

Here is my before….two chairs I purchased with a beat up old table and they have been needing some TLC since.  The table has been painted for a long time and I have used it in my studio while these poor things have been neglected.


I started on one with Chalk Paint and spent about half an hour getting a first coat on, not completely but enough for now.

Then I took the other and sprayed on Rustoleums Heirloom white…it took me maybe 10 minutes if that…

Here are the results.


The one to the left is the chalk paint chair and the other is the Rustoleum…they both need some more but you get the drift.  For this project I am leaning towards the Rustoleum, mostly for ease of application and I like the finish.  I won’t have to wax or varathane it, it will be done and it will go much faster and with my crazy schedule of late that means I can get these done by fitting them in when I have a spare 10 minutes.  You can see the table they go with on the other side of them.  I will be sure to show them again when they are totally done, new seat covers and all.

Other than working on these I was able to paint two special order signs and unpack about 10 boxes.  I sorted, tossed and put away and my living room still looks like this


and I want it back like this..with the correct furniture in place..


I know I will get there, I have all weekend to do it.

I will share one bloom today..Scentimental Rose


good night for now, time to kick back and get some rest, tomorrow is another big unpacking and shifting furniture day.
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  1. I'd say the spray paint....I've never used it but thinking of doing so for a time test myself.

    Good luck with your unpacking too...I'm in the middle of packing and moving myself...ick! Luckily it's only 15 miles away for me and not another cross country

    Visiting thru Miss Mustard Seed's linky party tonight

    Smiles from NW Illinois/Suzanne

  2. Hi Pam,
    I've used spray paint for many of my furniture make overs, but I am intrigued by the chalk paint as well. I like the uneven look you can get with it even though it takes more time to finish a project. I love the shape of your chairs. Do post when they are finished!

  3. Great transformation on those chairs and they aren't even finished yet! I'm with you on doing a project quickly. Spray paint is a pickin' cool solution!

  4. Love the new look of the chairs and table...the spray job seems like the way to go!

    Happy 4th of July~

  5. The spray paint is definitely the way to go. That really is a beautiful rose!


  6. Fun! I love your rose! We've just moved--unpacking still.

  7. Those are cute chairs. I love the table in the background also. It will look great when it's all done. Good luck!

  8. Beautiful flower. I love the table and chairs.

  9. I like the style of the chairs--and I think I'd prefer the spray paint myself. Not only for speed & end product, but also for the cost.

  10. Hi Pamela~
    I have to agree with Rebecca!!
    They look wonderful!! Great job :))

  11. I was so excited to see these chairs~ I found a set of 6 for $60.00 (splurge) that included two captain chairs theyare exactly the same as yours! I plan on refinishing them along with the 100 year old table that is on my blog, and then have them in my dinning room! I love using spray as well.

    ♥ Felicia

  12. Thank you for this, Pam! I've been reading so much about chalk paint and haven't tried it yet. Mainly because of the cost! But also the time, then the wax to finish it. I'm just not into refinishing furniture, I guess.

    So I'm so glad you posted this comparison!

  13. I love this paint! I have used the Rustoleum X2 Heirloom White on several items in my home. I've been reading about the chalk paint and wondered if I should invest in a can. I think I'll stick with the RHW after reading your posting.


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