Monday, July 4, 2011

A walk in my garden!

A long weekend is coming to an end.  It was wonderfully hot and I loved every minute of the fabulous warmth.  Hot for here is 90 degrees!  Trust me, I know it gets way hotter elsewhere and I have lived there so I never complain when it hits 90 here.  I just revel in it!

My unpacking and organizing is coming along, you can now see my living room is a living room but I still have much more to do.  I will have to pick at it here and there since I must get back to work.  I have 4 custom painted sign orders to complete and one to ship in the morning.  

But I thought I would share my morning walk and fresh blooms I am enjoying.  First we have some poppies, I bought a fat little packet of them last Fall and tossed them around.  I just love the result!


There are varying shades of pink.  I just love the contrasting yellow in the center.


And even a red one with white in the center…


There are super frilly ones that look quite exotic.


This particular sweet pea has just exploded with fragrant blossoms


And my Anne Boelyn rose is putting on her show on my back deck.  The sweet little viola cuddled up to her seeded itself last Fall.  


And looky here, my first little tomato, now let’s hope the birds don’t get off with it before I get a taste.

This year I tried a new daisy, I grew them from seed, they are called Prince Zulu.  The name fits. 


 here is a shot of the sun shining through the papery petals of one of my poppies..


I have been sitting on my front porch enjoying the cooler evening air as I write this, now the sun has gone down and the mosquitoes are hovering.  I guess I should pack it in and head for a tub of water to wash off the garden dirt.  

happy Monday all!  I hope you have a wonderful week!


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! So beautiful.

  2. All lovely. Prince Zulu is captivating!

  3. Once upon a time I lived in a climate where I could grow Shirley poppies. Don't you love the way the sun shines through their petals and the amazing colors? Thanks for sharing them. They brought back fond memories!

  4. I've never seen a daisy like that - it's stunning! Looks like you have some beautiful blooms in your garden.

  5. Thanks for linking up. I am so jealous, I have tried to grow poppies and sweat peas, both unsuccessfully.

  6. I would definitely be out on the porch with you enjoying the view - such pretty flowerbeds!

  7. Beautiful!!
    It's really nice to have some hot weather... finally. Does wonders for the flowers and veggies.
    Isn't it wonderful when something pops up that you didn't plant, like the voilas.
    I think that next fall I will try an seed the hill side with poppies. You have motivated me to try.

  8. I love your sweet peas. I've never been able to grow them and also I've never seen that color before. Also like the Prince Zulu.

  9. I just love the poppies! How pretty.

  10. Your post reminded me that i threw out shirly poppies & sweet peas seeds in the garden & haven't seem them come up.....hummm? i'll have to go out & peek for some tomorrow! Your's are all so pretty! Thank you for sharing over here at Cottage Flora Thursday's Garden Party! oxox, tracie

  11. The poppies are sheer delight to me!

  12. All your flowers are breathtaking. Such a pretty post.

  13. I have so enjoyed our stroll thru the gardens ... your flowers are just gorgeous, Pamela.

    Have a lovely PS weekend.
    TTFN ~

  14. Impressive photos of poppies and Prince Zulu.
    Joyce M

  15. Lovely flowers....
    Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend

  16. Fantastic pictures! Very beautiful!

  17. The flowers in the garden are quite exotic - truly beautiful!

  18. Fantastic post! Stunning shots! Love your space. Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  19. I just love annual poppies, their petals are so delicate!! Have a great Pink Saturday!

  20. Happy Pink Saturday! Wonderful, wonderful photos and post. Where do I begin? Love the daisies - daisies are a favorite of mine anyway, but that's a great daisy! Can I have one of everything? Oh, tomatoes. It's so dry and hot here, the birds got into the green tomatoes this year. Amazing, hardly any juice at all. Hardly any tomatoes at all. Anyway, absolutely great post. Thanks, Jenn

  21. Thank you for a lovely tour, I wish I could get sweet peas to germinate for me, they either get eaten or the hot temps come to quickly!
    Lovely poppies,

  22. I just love those sweet peas! Do you know what variety it is?

    An Oregon Cottage

  23. Beautiful flowers and amazing photos! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday--hope you'll be back this week!


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