Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A downright chilly week in July!

I know there are many that would love our almost too cool weather but I, for one, miss the much warmer temps, but I promise I am not complaining in the least. 

I went from making sure plenty of windows are open at night to let in the cooler air last week to making sure the house is closed up tight to hold in any warmth.  I like the 90’s for a high during the day but I am also enjoying barely topping out at 80 with a breeze that is very cool.

I still enjoy my morning coffee in my garden but I don a flannel shirt against the chill first. 

A few surprising blooms opened up this past week.  I was delighted to find my Princess Diana rose had survived our move, I thought it had died.


I need to look up the name for this one but for some reason Peppermint Splash comes to mind. This one is supposed to be a climber but so far it is acting more like a bush. 


Only one of my Canterbury Bells came back so far.  I will have to save seeds and start some more next year to give this guy some company. I enjoy the vibrant purple.


My broccoli is looking mighty fine and taste pretty good too.


I had a few sign orders to fill this week, here is the completed patio sign. I brightened up the parrot and added some splashy flowers.  

Patio sign

I am still going thru stuff and unpacking…it just never seems to end.  But I have done a sign or two also for my website along the way. I have this one with pink roses already and decided to do one in blue.


I am trying to be better at getting my signs listed on my website but that is not as much fun as painting.  I am working on it though along with trying to get my studio cleared out and reorganized.


I am going thru all my painting books, videos and just stuff and getting rid of a lot.
ta ta for now..if you want to see the step by step of building this then click here The building of my studio  and for a shot of the inside go here...Creative Messiness
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  1. Oh My, a flannel shirt in the garden in July! Can't even get a visual. You might like it a little warm, but this is triple digits steamy smack me in the face humidity and heat! BUT, I love the thoughts of cool fresh air. I just love that little cottage house and all your signs. Everything looks refreshing. Debi

  2. The nights are cold here in Jackson. I can imagine that up where you are it's almost Fall again. This is just unheard of in July. The Climate Change folks have made a believer out of me.
    Can't wait until my new little potting shed looks like your little cottage workshop. Haven't decided what to paint mine yet but that Yellow sure is pretty.

  3. Im in So cal and we are having a cold spell..woke up to misty RAIN this morning and yesterday it only got to 74..Im loving it compared to the heat and humidity of last week! LOVE your blog!!!!!

  4. nice post, love your darling shed! I saw one in a magazine that I fell in love with, clipped it and pasted it in "my favorites book" and now it is a reality in my yard! aren't we blessed?
    Love your Canterbury bells!


  5. That first rose is stunning!

  6. Your roses are beautiful. Princess Diana is becoming quite rare in rose circles. Glad to see yours have survived.

  7. Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's Garden Party this week! If you need some Canterbury Bell seeds - i can happily send you some! xoxo, tracie

  8. Everything looks lovely! Great photographs as well. The Canterbury bells are so old-fashioned and welcoming.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Pamela, Your roses are gorgeous! Love your little cottage/studio too. Stay warm! I'd love to export about 10 degrees here, to you!

  10. Love your signs. And the Canterbury Bells, wow.

  11. Hello just stopping by from the where bloggers create event. I love your little cottage and that your DH built it for you. Gorgeous all the way around.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Peppermint Splash, the name looks appropriate, is a lovely rose! Sorting and eliminating is not much fun but think of the additional room you'll have for painting!

  13. Great post ... I checked out the inside of the studio, too. It looked like I would have expected! Very cute, though. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a gorgeous garden and home you have. I can assure you here, you need to not have on anything. Extremely hot. Yesterday 107 and the heat index was unheard of.

  15. The "big girl panties" sign is a hoot. Have always loved that saying.

  16. I had to pin your "Patio of Indecision" on my Pinterest because my house is 50 years old and it only has a 3x5 out the sliding glass door. We are the 2nd owners and we've had the house for 14 years. If I had known how expensive it was to get a patio I wouldn't have considered my house. Live and Learn! I love your signs! Katharine

  17. I know the feeling of the chilly weather. It sure has been cool here too. I have been wearing my flannel plaid too! lol
    I love your little studio...and the pretty photos you have shared this week!
    have a great weekend!


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