Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For the Neighborhood Photo Linky Party

To say my neighborhood is unique is an understatement. Most of the homes were built in the ‘30s by the lumbermill workers and loggers.  They are simply built and compact.  Many have been remodeled or need remodeling. 

Many have been purchases as vacation homes and some are great starter homes for folks just starting out.  And there are still some old timers here from when this neighborhood got its start.

I just walked around my block and took photos for a sampling.

I started with my house on the corner..


Sorry the lighting is bad, wrong time of the day to do this but it is what it is.


Then my the little house next door that is getting a complete makeover, it is a sweet little house and deserves this TLC! It is being redone from the foundation up.


The pile of lumber that is gold for me, I have been allowed to scrounge for any usable lumber, yee haw!  I have projects up the wazoo planned for this.


This is what we have always affectionately called the Pink house, it has been pink for as long as I can remember and I have lived her since I was 8 years old…I am now on the far side of 40Smile


I always get a kick out of the weather vane…


A shot of the front..


I like the color of this one too, I have always called it Biscuit and the contrasting mint green door is just the right touch of color. The yard at this place needs some TLC but the house is always tip top looking. 


Next is my rival gardener, her flowers and yard, a good portion of the time, outshine mine and she is 92 years old and keeps it up all herself. The tin roofs were the material of choice for these houses and it has held up FOREVER!  Not always pretty but sturdy.


This neighborhood is built on a hill and none of the driveways are flat, nor the lots on which the homes are built so we have some that sit up from the road as in the Biscuit house and some are nestled down in hollows such as this one.


We are all surrounded by large pines, cedars and fir trees along with various deciduous varieties. Sometimes it makes for too much shade but they smell fabulous.  The scent of cedar and pine trees is like no other. 

That is a small sampling of the houses in my neighborhood.  I hope you enjoyed your tour.
Neighborhood Photo Linky Party


  1. Your neighborhood is absolutely wonderful with the fun colors, pretty yards, and cottage like homes!

  2. How fun! A wonderful place to live growing up, i am sure. :) Thank you for sharing.

  3. Looks like a beautiful high country neighborhood. Love the homes....especially yours. It's beautiful!


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