Saturday, June 4, 2011

A comparison!

Today was constant rain until now, it is going on 7:45 pm and we have endured another entire day of pouring rain!  I had to go over to Sonora to be errand girl for my hard working husband and side kick (very helpful brother in law) Jasen who are working on the housing prototype.  I ran to the different stores for tools and deck screws, bottled water and some plants we will use to dress up the entrance for the demonstration on Monday. 

The rain made it miserable to shop, going in and out in the cold rain was just not fun as well as making visibility in the parking lots negligible thus dangerous.  I swear I nearly was run down by cars backing out of parking spots more than once, the driver’s vision obscured by the deluge.  I was jogging thru the parking lot hunkered under my umbrella so I had a hard time seeing them as well.  Thank goodness for bright back up lights. 

I don’t have the photos yet of the prototype but will post them as soon as I can.  I even videoed the lifting of the first wall.  We shall see how it turns out, I am not sure of the lighting. 

I thought I would share a photo of what June 3rd normally looks like here in my front garden.  Just to give you a better visual of how behind we are this year. This is from June 3, a couple years back.  (last year we were not living here in June, we got back in July)


And this is what it looks like June 3, 2011.  Roses are barely leafing out, not a bloom in sight, the iris are barely showing a bud.  Believe it or not this is the same spot in both photos. 


I have determined to just enjoy what is blooming while it is staying unusually cool and rainy for June. 

I have my creeping phlox..this is really lavender colored but for some reason it seems bleached out in this shot. 


I love the swirls on these tulips..


The blue of the Forget Me Nots is a bright spot in front of the porch. 



All of my different Clematis are reaching for the sky


And the strawberries I have still in pots in the greenhouse are putting out berries, nice sized ones! I have yet to get them in the ground.


Tomorrow looks to be merely cloudy most of the daylight hours.  That is a very good thing as we are painting the walls of the prototype.  It is being built inside a shop building so the weather has caused no hindrance that I know of, just annoyance. 

I need to get together my painting gear as that is something I can do and shall be on hand all day to paint away.  We can hope for some sunshine for the sheer pleasure of it. 

You most likely will not hear from me for a few days…I will be one tuckered out lady.  But I will enjoy it! 

See you soon…hopefully with progress pictures.



  1. Your interview finally went up!!! check it out here girl...sorry for the delay!!!

  2. Good luck with the house and your garden is coming in beautifully! Sorry about all the rain, it was like there too but finally it is nice and all of a sudden my garden bloomed. Sending some sunshine your way.

  3. Hey PAmela,

    Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comment on my giveaway today. It really meant a lot to me so I thought I'd pop over and say thank you...and then I was drawn in my your gorgeous blog and I've had a great time browsing through your posts. I'm your newest follower.


  4. We will take your rain just send it on down to Savannah and my garden and I will do a happy dance for ya!
    I think everything looks pretty even if it is late.
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  5. We've been inundated with rain and much cooler temps than usual too (along the Washington Coast) and my plants are not liking it. The plants you do have blooming are so lovely and the Forget-Me-Not photo is spectacular!

    Glad to find you today. Visiting from Cottage Flora Thursdays today.


  6. Wow - your bearded iris are stunning...thanks for sharing over at Cottage Flora Thursday's garden party! xoox, tracie


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