Thursday, June 2, 2011

A cold June start!

Unbelievable as it may seem we are still freezing here in Northern California, even had tornadoes touch down up in Yuba county yesterday evening.  I have not watched or read any news programs today to see if there was any damage.  My garden is suffering despite my attempts at protecting the peppers and tomatoes.  I place large black pots over the plants at night and a jug of water to hold it down in case of a stiff breeze.  Not exactly pretty but effective.


I also used a tarp draped over pots for the peppers.


But the peppers are not  holding up well, thankfully I have more in the greenhouse to replace these poor things.  They will definitely not make it. These are the jalapenos, the habaneros are in slightly better shape but I don’t hold out any hope for them.

DSC_0022 DSC_0021

On a lighter note, I have finished painting the collection of special order wedding signs and they are ready to ship.  I just need to find a suitable box in order to get them sent off to the customer.  This is the finished signs for the bride commissioned by her mother.  I don’t normally do long text like this as I am not good at it, I prefer larger lettering and decorative painting, small text is a challenge for me. They had me add the flowers (which in this photo looks like blobs) to it, originally is was just the text but it needed something.


If you have wondered where I have been the past week I have been watching videos of face painting (in my hours off from painting signs) and practicing.  Here is a couple motifs for face painting I have been trying to learn. Can you guess what they are?  If so then I am getting better…



I have also been trying to learn butterflies and fairy princesses along with spiders, snakes, flower crowns.   You have to get the sequence of strokes for each complete design memorized to be able to do it swiftly, children do not like to stand still long.  I have yet to practice on squirming children, my nephews get to be my first victims.   I am just waiting for my face paints to come in, some were back ordered. 

The work on the housing prototype has begun.  We need to have it completed by Monday and a lot is riding on this being a success.  Let’s hope for smooth sailing the next 4 days.  I will see about posting photos here for you all to see.

Until we meet again…ta



  1. I am so sorry about your peppers Pam, I really hope that it warms up soon.
    I love your signs, they turned out beautiful and I love your sharks and dolphins for face painting!
    What videos are your watching, are they online? I am doing face painting at our open house for work next week and I need to practice.
    Good luck with the house prototype, I hope it all goes well.

  2. Pam I know the feeling of cold. I haven't put a thing in the ground yet except onions. Freeze warning again tonight


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