Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Garden Pruners

We have had fine weather the past week.  Lovely daytime temps in the mid 60’s or so with plenty of sunshine.  My garden was still blooming here and there…I did share a bit last week. These petunias were toughing it out despite the one snow storm we had already.


Being that I was afraid the night time temps would dip down to freezing I disconnected my Scarecrows and put them away.  I did not want them to crack. They did a great job of keeping the deer away from my prized plants and flowers.


So the deer thought that removing them was an open invitation to nosh on my garden.
I had not seen the deer in a while so figured they had migrated down the mountain for winter.

I was wrong.

This is what is left of my lovely petunias in the top photo.  The deer so generously pruned them back for me, along with most of my plants in both front and back gardens.

Being that it is November and the season is all but over I can live with it. 


My neighbor has a large apple tree that is dropping its overripe fruit and the deer are eating them up now that they have eaten everything they possibly can here.


They blend in so well, there are five deer but you cannot see them all in the photos.

When they feel threatened they jaunt across the street and act nonchalant.

They wait for me to go back inside so they can return and continue their feast.


I watched for them today to see if I could get a good shot of the baby, he is rather cute even if he is an accomplice in the decimation of my petunias. 
My, how dark it seems at 5pm now with the time change.  Dark days of winter are closing in.
And with that cheery thought I will bid you adieu.

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