Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today was Sunny and Bright

Our days have been spent packing and cleaning.  Though David has worked and worked his ever lovin’ tail off there is still so much to do. 

He had to give away most of what we had planned to auction off this coming Spring as there was just not enough time to get it moved so that was disappointing for many reasons.

The weather has been rain most of the week but today was fine and sunny.  I took my camera out to try to get photos of the snowy owls in the back of the barn but they were absent today.  When I first saw them flying away yesterday I was amazed at how huge they were and how beautiful. 

Watching the sun rise over the mountain this morning was a visual treat. 


The vantage point on this hill is splendid.  You can see snow capped mountains and the valley below, roaming cattle, airplanes coming in for a landing at the small local airport, and deer bounding thru the tall grass.


The freshly tilled field is quite a contrast to the neighboring fields covered in golden grasses. The small blue buildings in the distance is the airport hangars. 


Though this trip has been stressful we still stop to enjoy the beauty around us.  I went into the greenhouse to check and see if there was anything I had left behind in there and spotted this guy on the window.  Being it was 84 lovely degrees in the greenhouse he must’ve decided it was a better place to be than outside at 40 degrees.


Can you see him?  It is a Praying Mantis.

I had worked on my website some but then the software crashed on me and did not save my changes.  That is so frustrating that I gave up for a day or so.  I should tackle it again soon. 

enjoy your evening all…


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