Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nearly Ready to Head Out


We are nearly all packed and ready to head out for rainy California.  Wouldn’t you know all of last week was sunny and nice then when we are finally ready to head back it pours buckets.  We just hope Donner Pass is not too snowy. 

Most people have not got a clue what my hubby has had to go through this month to get this place cleared out.  But I can give you a small example.  See this relatively small yellow plate of metal he is lifting with the back hoe???  It weighs 1500 lbs. It doesn’t look like much but it is part of a huge gantry machine. 


You can see more of the parts already inside the container, they are also yellow and equally as heavy.


Without the loan of the backhoe and loader by generous neighbors getting all this done in time would’ve been impossible. 

The container ended up being so heavy the trailer hitch bent the bed of our truck.  It will need to be replaced. 

With the equipment he was able to cut a level spot next to the other container and around it so he can get into the doors on the back side. 


Look at this monster, those tires are taller than me.   He did enjoy getting to use these bad boys, it was like a boy with his Tonkas.


Backing it in.


It took a full ten hours to get this moved and into place, I won’t bore you with the logistics but just believe me when I say this was not an easy task. That was just moving it into place, loading it took all week long.

It is so heavy on the left side, where the machine sets, that it sunk that huge beam into the dirt until you can not see it. Actually there are two beams under it. 


This is going to be an eye catcher going down the Hwy on our drive home.  This is an airplane mold.  We had no room in the containers for it and could not swing purchasing another so home with us it goes.  Oh yea, the neighbors are going to love this sitting in our front yard.


Another fun sunrise..a lovely mist was hovering over town.


I have been working on a new website between making sure Tonka man keeps fed and what little bit of packing I needed to do.  I cannot help much outside so I have been trying to keep busy.  I have needed to find a new platform for my website for quite awhile but was too busy to sink myself into learning a new one so this was a good time to give it a whirl.  So far, so good but it is in its infancy, we shall see how easy it is when I have to start loading up photos of products. 

I need to go see if he is ready to load up these chairs. Once we do that I will have to sit on the floor or our air mattress. Hmm, I wonder if he can do that in the morning just before we leave.  At least I hope we can get out of here in the morning, it will be dark soon and there is still a lot he has to do. 

  Later all…


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