Thursday, November 8, 2012

Apples and Pear Paintings


I have mentioned I am learning a new painting technique.  I practiced first on this hapless pear.  My! but it needs more work, especially in the leaves. 

The artist acrylics blended with medium to mimic oils is a whole new ball game for me. And the technique entails much more tapping and blending rather than stroking on the paint. 


By the time I finished the apples I was getting a better feel for it.

I will do a third one, maybe some cherries or other intensely colored fruit, then they can be sold as a set on my website.

This lovely machine is an industrial tailoring machine that was the pride and joy of my paternal Grandmother.  Grandma Jo (short for Josephine)loved this hearty workhorse and she upholstered a bounty of sofas and chairs with it.  She also sewed countless shorts and tops for children that she sold at the flea market to make ends meet along with the sets she made for her grandchildren. 


It has been in storage and I have finally gotten it brought into the house.  Now to make it pretty again.  I know it was working when we removed it from Grandma’s house but that was quite a few years ago.  I have not been brave enough to plug it in.  I learned to upholster on this machine, it sews beautifully when running properly.  

I am rather liking it in the living room but I am not sure my husband will.  We have a small home and every space needs to pull double duty.  Having something for mostly show is not practical and yet I just may push this up under the window after removing the bench you see behind it and just enjoy it as eye candy for awhile.  

The trick will be gussying this baby up.  And/or getting it upstairs to the sewing/guest room, it is very heavy.  I two man job for sure! I am thinking of a nice gray for the metal base and a warm white for the top…??? Or would the black of the sewing machine be to stark against that?  Decisions, decisions.
I have one more Japanese Maple shot for you from the other day.


The rain has started and the cold has arrived.  It felt frigid when I ran to the Post Office earlier this afternoon.  The chill bit right through my jeans.  

So I came on home and started cooking and the spicy sweet aroma of delicious pumpkin bars is wafting into my office as we speak.  Time to see if they are ready for their scrumptious cream cheese frosting.

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  1. I love your paintings! What an interesting way to paint too. What kind of medium do you mix the acrylics with? I'm always interested to learn about new ways to paint.

  2. Your paintings are wonderful! I especially like your apples. Coming from a family of artists, I really enjoy seeing others' work. Your little studio is darling, by the way. Thank you for sharing with my HOME and enjoy your week.


  3. how do you get the cracked effect on your paintings?

  4. Harvest-y fruit paintings are so perfect this time of the year. I can't wait to see what the next one looks like in the set.

    What about a black base with a stained wood top for your lovely hand-me-down? Or does white work better with your decor?


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