Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Have I Been Up To

Many days I end up heading for bed disappointed in not accomplishing my list of ‘to do's’ then stop, take stock of what I did actually get done and content myself with that.  There is so many fun projects I wanted to get to this summer but here it is late August and I have not touched hardly any.

When I am not cleaning vacation homes my time has been spend painting signs..(it helps pay the bills so not a frivolous activity)

Here are some recent ones.

For the life of me I cannot get a photo that shows the true coral color of this, and it does not get darker at the bottom in real life. 

You Are My Sunshine subway art sign

This sign I had to do 3 times over! 

 Crazy, I nicknamed it the sign from hell.  I finally got it sent off to the customer and then he informs me it arrived damaged.

  Argh!  I had wrapped it securely with bubble wrap and everything.  That was one rough postal carrier.  The customer said his father will be able to fix it.  I did send off some touch up paint for him. He had purchased it for his Grandfather who once owned a service station and it had a sign on the side of the building that looked much like this.

I know, not a good photo of it but I was in a hurry.


A couple Nana’s Garden signs.



My garden has been putting out..some luscious tomatoes, these are a new heirloom variety for me called German Red.


Which I made into my oven roasted sauce


The addition of the Trombolina zucchini adds a richness.


My basil did very poorly this year but a friend gave me enough to make a bunch of pesto. I love my homemade pesto!  I freeze it then wrap each little puck in plastic wrap. 

I love to have a taste of summer in the dark of winter.


My flowers are still blooming away.   I shall share more flowers soon.

So when I see what I have been able to accomplish it is not so disappointing after all. 

Please come on in to see more of my signs and artwork.

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  1. LOVE the Sunshine sign! too bad it got damaged. I know that's frustrating - you'd think folks would be more careful - you are so talented!

  2. Hello Pamela, I have only made a few signs and know how taxing they can be - yours turned out lovely, I love fresh tomatoes in the summer - time seems to be flying by way to fast - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,



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