Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer is Flying too fast!

Good afternoon.  I am lounging in my ancient lazy  boy recliner by the fan letting my freshly washed hair dry.  More info than you wanted, eh?

I will take this rare opportunity of peace and quiet to jot a note and ramble a bit along with some flower photos.
The roses alongside my studio seem to start really blooming later than the rest of garden, it must be just the microclimate there.

The barrels alongside the road and the perennials planted around them are coming along just fine.  I planted my Chamois Rose hollyhocks down at the left, they are only a few inches tall now but I have high hopes of enjoying their fluffy shabby blooms next summer.


We had a big estate/yard sale this past weekend.  It was a huge success for at least selling a bunch of tools and equipment my husband had in the garage so now there is more space for my work area.


Today I found out my beloved Dremel Kit was inadvertently sold along with his extra tools.  His explanation of why he sold it was not a good one so needless to say my desire to choke the life from something is overwhelming and I am giving fair warning to all.

‘Nough said.

An ivy geranium I grew from seed.  I love it, it is different than the types you can get at the garden center. I am going to save seed from it and start a bunch next Spring.


My little white button rose, I just love this plant, I have already started a couple more from cuttings. Don’t worry it is not a patented one.


Tess D'Urbervilles Rose by the studio, my one in front is about ready to bloom again too, the deer have been staying clear since I set up my Scarecrow and I will actually get to enjoy the blooms.


Here is another contraption I use to keep the deer at bay, I call it my ‘scary monster’.  It is a large wire cage with an old curtain sheer hanging from it.  The sheer will ruffle in the nighttime breeze and the deer are startled away.  It did a pretty good job until my second Scarecrow came in for the back garden.
Now it is in the side yard doing it’s job there.


Monday I did a few housecleaning jobs in Bear Valley, it is so gorgeous up there this time of year.  A lot of tourists have been enjoying coming up to enjoy nature at its best.

I need to take my camera and try to get some pictures for you.
Tuesday I painted on special order signs all day and tried to get some things cooked up ahead of time so when I come in dead dog tired after a long day of scrubbing we can just eat and not have a lot of fixing to do.

My husband can cook but his repertoire is limited so unless I want to eat the same few things each week I need to get busy and teach him some new things.

You forget how it took you years of cooking for 4 kids to be able to look in the cupboards and whip up something edible on the fly and it is not always fair that I should expect him to be able to do that with limited experience.

My Monarda or Bee Balm is a new favorite of mine.  I planted this last year and loved it then and more so now. 

Luna Pink Swirl hibiscus, a gorgeous addition. I have about 4 more of these in pots that I need to find a place for.  They stay shorter than my red hardy hibiscus and bloom earlier, they are just as hardy though and come back every year.  I need to get the Luna White Swirl seeds too. 


A white double hollyhock, my mom dug up out of her yard and gave me last year.  The pure white is so elegant.


If only you had the ability to smell this next one.  My oriental lilies are beginning to open up in all their sweet scented glory.


Truly a favorite around here, in all it’s variations.


Believe it or not I have more flowers to share but I am out of time for today.  I go to work tomorrow cleaning then Friday is booked up too but I shall try to check in with more lovelies.  I will share my signs I have been working on as well.

So until we meet again..ta ta..


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  1. Beautiful! All my flowers are wilting in the hot weather... and so it will go until it cools off. Some, like my roses, just don't bloom when it's too hot. So, I will enjoy yours while I wait for our weather to cool a bit.
    Bet that hair dries fast on these warm days. Enjoy your lovely garden and work on those signs. You are a busy lady.

  2. Your flowers are totally amazing. We live in a very hot and dry area and it is impossible to grow some of the beauties that you have. Only the very hardy survive, and that is with a daily watering. Forget one day of watering around here and they never look quite the same. I'm always looking through gardening magazines and I have never seen anything as lovely as your blooms. thank you for sharing. Connie :) I'll be back.

  3. Stunning photos! I have flower envy :)

  4. Beautiful images, your flowers are just beautiful.

  5. Hi Pamela
    Lovley shots.....and yes summer is to short ...
    and do not miss.....




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  6. Pamela! My goodness you haven some gorgeous flowers in your garden! I am itching now to seed and to root some more plants - I just love the white double hollyhock - it looks like a Peony - My one hollyhock didn't survive - I'll try again! I do appreciate you sharing your lovely garden with Home and Garden Thursday,


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