Friday, August 3, 2012

My Garden August 1, 2012

Days ago I promised a post of my garden for August 1.  There are some out there anxiously awaiting some flower shots.
Though my garden gets little attention from me (been working and demands on my time take me away from what I prefer doing)it still flourishes.

Without further ado I will share some of the photos I took Wednesday.

My Tomato Soup Echinacea.  It does not seem as deep of a red as it did last year but it could be my imagination.  I should look up the photos of it last year to compare. 


Zinnias.  I had a bag of seeds I tossed into this bed, they have had to contend with a lot of adversity, like cats wishing to use this area for their lavatory thus uprooting many as they were barely getting started, and competing with other more aggressive plants coming up.


This is either my Fragrant Angel Echinacea or White Swan.  It looks like White Swan but I could’ve sworn that pot I took this from was Fragrant Angel.  Oh well, it is white!


My Grandpa Nute rose is still blooming relentlessly, it just won't quit. I like that in a rose.  The oriental lilies are about to start opening up along here. I have them planted all along my porch so it is a fragrant walk from front to back of my house.


The Black-eyed Susies are still going strong. 


Mr. Bumblebee is taking a nap on the Hollyhock.


The Butterfly Bush has joined the blooming fray. 


My regular echinaceas complete with bumblebee adornments.  The bumblebees have been extraordinarily thick this year.


I will end todays flower show here.  I have many more Aug 1 photos to share but it is bedtime and we get up early again to man our yard sale we are having this weekend.  Clearing out the clutter and stuff.  It takes WORK but it shall be worth it to gain precious space.



  1. Wow your blooms are beautiful! Weve taken quite a beating this summer up here in the North country as were having a bad drought and extreme heat and today its going to be 100 WHEW!Stop over and see what blooms of mine are hangin on:) Deidre~

  2. I agree that your flowers look like they have done well this year! Our gardens are so dry-it seems like water isn't even penatrating the soil the ground is so hard. I really like the White Swan and the Hollyhocks are a favorite as well as the Zinnias.

  3. Oh my , you're flower colors and variety are beautiful, but I'm green with a bit of envy! Can't wait to see more pics.

  4. Beautiful blooms, thank you for sharing a walk around your garden with us. xo


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