Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Custom Wedding Sign

I have been busy packing and getting ready to head to Camp Mather adjacent to Yosemite.  The Strawberry music festival is this weekend and I work at a food booth.

Last May we froze our sweet patooties off but the Fall show is always more pleasant weather wise.

First off I really wanted to share a recent sign I was asked to make.  I fell in love with it too and will be offering it on my website.

So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want sign

Kiss you anytime

I can also do it plain. with a crackled and distressed background, change up the fonts or colors, add flourishes to the edges or paint flowers. One customer had me copy the invitation design.

This is before customization. 


So if you know of anyone with a wedding coming up send them my way, I may be able to paint them a sign or two.

Last year I did an entire collection of directional signs for a rustic wedding, that was quite fun.


As you can see there was quite a few of them.  Here is a closer view of the dancing sign.


I know the major wedding season is coming to a close along with summer but I like to plan ahead and there are some nice Fall and Winter weddings too.

Can you feel Fall?  As much as I love summer and really do not want it to end so soon I have hints all around me that Fall is fast on its approach. 

The squirrels and birds have been scurrying about collecting seeds and nuts for their winter stash in this neck of the woods.  It is not unusual to see a fluffy grey squirrel dashing across the road with a heavy green pine cone in his mouth.  I should say he is trying to dash, many times the cone is so heavy he is dragging it ruthlessly to a spot he can sit and shred it in high hopes of hitting the mother lode of pine nuts.

The nights have cooled but the daytime temps have remained nice, we have been hitting the mid 80’s the past few days.  But here is a telling sign of Fall.

The dogwoods are turning red. This photo has not been retouched, this is how bright the red is on my neighbor’s dogwood tree.


So I just savor each morning in the garden and the roses that remain as I know it is not long before a white blanket coats everything in sight.


The morning glories are climbing the arbor. I have high hopes that next year the Eden rose will really take off and cover the arbor.


Dreamweaver, I planted this in a barrel in my side yard, it has loved it there and though the deer have nipped it back a time or two this summer it still shines.  Love this pink!


My zinnias are doing great, I had tossed these seeds into this neglected bed and hoped for the best, they did not disappoint me.  I am going to transplant strawberries into this bed this Fall, but I think I will rim the bed in some kind of flashy flower for fun. 


Darcy Bussell English rose


Charles Darwin English rose


Though I will miss my garden once winter descends I do have some crochet patterns and sewing plans to keep me content.  In the warmer months I am so busy outside that I have not a lick of time for the other things I love to do so there is an up side to being stuck indoors.  Plus there is always my painting to keep me sane.
Since there is no internet where I will be for the next 5 days this will be my last post until next week.  Broken hearted aren’t you??? Smile

Time to check my list and make sure I have everything packed and ready to go.
Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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  1. I LOVE the new sign ... probably because I love that movie :-) I wish we were feeling fall here (Texas hill country), still hitting upper 90's everyday. But it will cool off eventually, and I will be missing the shorts and flip flop days, lol


  2. That's one of the best quotes ever from that movie and ever! great idea!

  3. Your gardens are beautiful! It makes me sad to see summer coming to an end.

  4. Pamela, hope you had a fun time working at your food booth. I really enjoyed your beautiful garden blooms. I too am a bit sad to see summer come to an end. However I do like the cooler days in the 80's instead of 90's. I always enjoy seeing the signs you create. Thanks for shaing with SYC.


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