Saturday, February 4, 2012

Iris for Inspiration

I have always been intrigued with how in the Victorian times, certain flowers had specific meanings.  People then used more symbols and gestures to communicate than words, (I guess they preferred implication over certainty). 
Iris means Inspiration..

I have to say Iris are one of my favorite flowers, they are tough, perform beautifully early in the season and propagate themselves.

I have purchased the majority of mine from Schreiners Iris Gardens online. I have gotten some iris from other vendors but have not been as impressed with the quality and size like I have with Schreiners.  So far in my estimation they can’t be beat.  I am not affiliated with them at all, I just have been well pleased with all iris I have purchased from them.

Here is my absolute favorite one called Starship Enterprise, it fairly glows while in bloom. 


Another that never fails to get attention from visitors is Supreme Sultan, he blooms and blooms and blooms. 


One of my favorite purples, I love the contrasting colors on Prince George.


I have some I have no idea what their names are, this one my cousin gave me, she had dug it up at an old homestead in Idaho.  I think that is where she got this one.  I will have to ask her. 


A couple shots of many blooming together.



Last but not least a few photos of the next collection I have on my wish list.  This is called the Tie-Dye collection from Schreiners.


Brindled Beauty

Gnus Flash


Tiger Honey

I have been starting seeds and many are on the growing rack in my living room.  The grow lights make for a bright living room. I love it bright!

I won’t win any accolades for style but my passion for plants supersedes my desire for a photo worthy living room.  bfly-y


  1. How incredibly beautiful! I've loved irises all my life and grew them in NC, but our climate is too hot for them here. I miss them and other favorites so much. The best we can do are wild flags which I often rescue from ditches to save from four-wheelers and the like. I have a small, but growing clump by the pond. Thank you so much for your pictures, a lovely reminder of how wonderful irises are.

  2. You have a very pretty collection of irises and I really like the color combinations of the Starship Enterprise. The Idaho homestead iris is an especially pretty blue, but then I am partial to blue in the garden. And the step ladder looks just right in that setting!

  3. All different colors garden are look so beautiful and wonderful.This type of flowers are increase beauty in the gardens.


  4. Love your Iris collection my mom used to have a hug garden of iris. They are all gone now. You have inspired me to start one in her memory. Thanks for the link to Schreiners!


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