Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seed starting continued..

Here is a link to last years post on my seed starting..

Snow Day Seed Starting

I was asked about some more particulars on the Christmas rope lights for bottom heat.  You can barely make out the green rope lights in my last years post so I thought to mock up how it was done to get a bit better shot.


I snake the rope light (any color will work) along the rack shelf, and because they are so squirrely right out of the package you most likely need to fasten it to the rack with something, I use wire or bread bag twist ties. My rope lights have loosened up so they stayed down this time around with no ties.

If you are familiar with rope lights you know that several can be fastened together and you can continue to line several racks and only have the one end plugged in to an outlet. 

You will note the rope chasing down the vertical leg of the rack in this shot from last year.

I hope this makes it easier to make your own bottom heat, the heat mats are so expensive and this has worked just as well for me.  
I have tons more seeds that have popped up, and I have more to get started. 
Enjoy starting your Spring! 


More to come on kick starting SPRING!


  1. Brilliant idea! :0)

  2. Very clever idea! I Love your greenhouse.

  3. You are a very clever gardener!!

  4. What a fantastic idea. I am going to have to remember this tip.

  5. Hi Pamela,
    I just wanted to stop by and to not only say hi but to let you know I saw the beautiful sign you created for Connie at Hartwood Roses. It's perfect for her business name and for her booth! I'm going tp have to check out more of your artwork. :)

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