Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Everything is Coming Up Roses!

Good morning, more snow has come down, we heard it pelting our windows during the night. 

I am content tending my seedlings on my rack in the living room and enjoying each and every sprout. To see my post on my plant rack go here My February Garden

The first photo is of Showy Milkweed (I wanted a host plant for Monarch Butterflies)


this next one is Trumpet Vine (I got the seeds from an acquaintance whose vine I admired)

trumpet vine

A zonal geranium seedling beginning to bloom, this is one I started last year and overwintered inside, it is called Rosy Glow.   it has been blooming and is beginning to fade, I should’ve photographed it sooner, but it will bloom again. 


This is Gabrielle's Horn, a Sinnigia (sp), it has been here struggling but once I put it under my grow lights it went to town. 


Before the snow began to fall I was able to get a bunch of rose cuttings put down to root.  I nearly have my propagating tank filled so I need to start another.  I have more cuttings I wish to get and try to root.


Without the top, you can see all the cuttings.  The one in here that I am most anxious to get rooted is Madame Alfred Carriere.  In the past I have had a very good success rate so I have high hopes of new roses. 


Go here for a past post on how I root cuttings: Rooting cuttings  It was a post on rooting some lilacs but it is the same for my roses.

I need to find someone who has an Albertine climbing rose to get cuttings from, I lost mine in my past move and I want to get another started!

My days this week have been spent painting, I have several special orders for signs to fulfill and I will share them one day soon.  

Have a great day!

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  1. Your seedlings are doing really well,and good luck with the rose cuttings.Have a good week

  2. I would never had thought of using a fish tank for propagation but what a good idea! I really like the 'Gabriel's Horn,' but I see that it is in the african violet family and it wouldn't survive in my house! But what a pretty color and flower!

  3. I read this blog.It really informative for us.Flowers are really increase beauty in the gardens and home.This all plants are look so beautiful.

    lasik grand rapids

  4. My husbands grandmother could cut a rose and stick it in the ground and watch it grow...she never shared her secret with me so I'll be checkin out your post on cutting......Thanks for linking up @CountryMommaCooks…Have a wonderful Sunday:)


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