Monday, February 27, 2012

February Goes Out in White Glory!

Yes, winter is reminding us it is not done yet!  We woke to a flurry of snowflakes coming down. 


At times the snowflakes were quite large, nearly the size of the palm of my hand.


It did not take long for them to turn everything white.  All construction next door is at a stand still.  


My poor little chuck wagon raised bed is getting a good testing for snow stability. 


And my studio in the background is where I spent a good portion of the day, painting on special orders.  A nice day to spend doing something creative, at least the snow did not get too deep to trudge in and out through. 


And though this storm is winding down another is right behind it with supposedly a lot more of the white stuff.  Winter is making up for lost time I guess.  

Just last week we were enjoying mid-60 degree temps.  The ski resort up the hill a ways is more than likely jumping for joy.  A lot of new snow will attract the skiers and snowboarders on Spring break which is coming up soon.

It is not unusual to get measurable snow here in March and even April so I will just ride it out.  


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  1. Thats some big snowflakes. Your studio looks pretty in the snow. I thought of you yeaterday when I saw a sign it said
    When it rains look for rainbows
    When it's dark look for stars

    I thought it was lovely.
    Have a good week keep warm!
    Oh yes! by the way first seeds planted!

  2. Love the way that your studiio looks in the snow! Wow! Those snowflakes are big!! Looks like a good day for a warm pot of stew on the stove!

  3. How lovely, I agree with Melanie, a lovely pot of warm stew. Sitting on the veranda with a chunk of bread and a bowl of stew would set that scene off wonderfully. We only had a few days of snow over here in the UK.


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