Monday, April 11, 2011

It’s sure a Monday!

Hi everyone.  We had a lovely little getaway weekend.  The weather was so nice and the rolling hills along the way were grassy and green. After getting more snow last Thursday and Friday I really needed to see green and grass.  The only downside of the weekend was a nasty tooth aching.  I need a root canal and finally got an appointment scheduled for early tomorrow morning.  You know you have had enough of the pain when you look forward to the root canal! 

I have a couple photos to share from the weekend.

First off, I have to bring a smile to your face…this is my nephew, Cayden and my mom..isn’t that little face kissable.

He was all duded up for Sunday.
His brother, Jackson was just as classy looking.

That was the only decent shot I got of Jackson.  I just had my point and shoot camera.  I will have to ask Leon (the gentleman taking there photo with his great camera) for some of his photos, I think he captured some better ones than I.

Then there is us…my hubby and I. 
I did not do anything with my hair that morning, I had had a rough night with my tooth aching and what my hair may have looked like was of no concern at that point. Annoyed

We got home before dark on Sunday evening.  I was greeted by a lovely bloom on one of the geraniums I had brought inside last Fall to overwinter in the warmth of the house.  It is called Cherry Glow..I started a bunch of geraniums last summer from seed and this is one of them. 
You can see why it has that name, it certainly seems to glow. 

After getting our state taxes done this morning I started working on some special order signs.  I received 3 orders over the weekend, which is good, it will all help to pay for this expensive root canal.  Have you had one lately?  Good grief, it is a house payment!

I got what I could done on the signs, then I walked over to my mom’s to check on the progress of our chicks.  It sure looks like we have quite a few roosters out of the batch of of 10 straight run Black Copper Marans we picked up about 6 weeks ago. 
They are getting so big.  That is a good thing, in about 4 weeks they will be ready to be put in with the bigger hens. 
Towards the back there (the lighter brown ones) are the Welsummer chicks, they are all girls, and only a week younger than the Marans.  You can tell this Maran is a rooster, see his larger comb and the wattle under his neck, both are larger than the hens.

In the photo below the guy in the very back is obviously a rooster but the gal towards the front and to the right does not have the larger comb or much of a wattle,, the one to the left of her is questionable, not as big of a comb and barely a wattle.  That one could be a hen.  The chick behind and to the right of the hen is definitely a rooster as well, big comb and wattle. 

We were hoping for more hens than roosters but you can get any ratio when you buy straight run.   We were just thrilled to be able to find some available, they are tough to come by so far. At least around here. 

Tomorrow morning I go in early for my root canal.  They have a tough time getting me numb so it ends up being an ordeal so I will be toast.  I hope to be able to paint some once I get home but I rather doubt I will be able to accomplish much.  I should just plan on using the rest of the day to recoup and be ready to tackle the world again on Wednesday morning.

May your Tuesday be enjoyable!  Once this tooth is done I will be back on my game!
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  1. Oh my goodness your nephews are so handsome!! I love there suits. :) The photo of you and your hubby is beautiful and your hair is as well, so sorry about your tooth. :(
    I can't believe how big the chicks are already!

    I hope everything goes well with you root canal.

  2. your eggs are going to pay for your root canal?

    Here in New Zealand most of us are casual in their dress to church.

  3. @ Ann, no I meant I needed to paint the special order signs that have been requested. I do decorative painting and sell signs on my website. All went well with my root canal, it went easier than anticipated.

  4. Oh pamela, you nephew is just adorable. Loved his suit..what a dapper he is!Sorry about the tooth, ouch..I hate it when that happens. You look beautiful girl...

  5. Great shot of the geranium, because the only thing that I've been able to plant is some pansies, so I'm looking forward to buying some geraniums soon! Love the shots of the chickens too, because I would so love to have a couple, but it's not allowed here!
    Happy REDnesday,


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