Friday, April 1, 2011

Chicken Signs!

Last Friday we were inundated with snow and this week we had sunshine and 70 degrees.  I had a grand time in the valley, it was 87 there at 3:30pm as we headed back up the hill.  We found out that our A/C in the Suburban is on the fritz.  You would not believe the things that have gone wrong or broken down on us in the past year.   I am not normally paranoid but I beginning to wonder…
My hubby had a business meeting to go to so we dropped him off on one side of Stockton then my mom and I took off for JoAnn’s off I-5, I had some craft paint to pick up and some zippers for some tops I am making, we also checked out Ross and Target in that same shopping center. 
Satisfied with that little jaunt we zoomed over to Burlington Coat factory to look for a little suit for my toddler nephew.  We were successful and found him one and we both found a skirt we had to have.  By that time my hubby texted me and we had to drive on across town to pick him back up.  Lunchtime! 
We ate, ran thru Costco (phew, on a Friday and the 1st of the month) then I wanted to stock up on the sugar free chocolate at Wal-Mart, which I did.  I loved every warm moment of running, it felt good after being cooped up for a couple weeks.  Plus, the drive down is so lovely this time of year, green rolling hills, rivulets of wild flowers winding along and lots of cows.
Now that I have regaled you with my day I will actually post the photos I wanted to share with you…I paint, signs mostly but it may seem I do flowers and flowers and more flowers so I was going to share with you many of my chicken signs I have done over the years.  Some were done it 2 this Red Rooster sign..
1redrooster 001
This one is very similar..
a5 001
Some of these are from 2003, sometimes I find it hard to believe how long I have been painting. My style has evolved for sure.
aab 005
This one is still a favorite of mine.  I need to make one for myself as this one sold long ago.
aab 001
I even added some veggies..
signs 029
I like the primitive style of these chickens..
chicken run
This one was a special order, a gal sent me a piece of wallpaper from her kitchen to paint a sign to match.
wendy rise and shine
These are just a sample of the chicken signs I have done.  Just a little evidence that I do paint things other than flowers.  Winking smile
Enjoy your weekend.  I am not sure what grand thing I will get to work on. 
Ta ta..

PS: for more signs check out my website
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  1. Your day sounds productive and fun. And your paintings are lovely. My aunt collects roosters for her kitchen and keeps saying enough is enough. But seems there is always room for one more. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

  2. You covered a lot of territory on that hot day last week.
    I love that shopping center on I-5. It's got great stores and because of where it is, it seems to be less crowded than most. Can't say the same for Costco.
    Better get that air-conditioner fixed before the inferno hits. Summer without an air conditioned car, here in the foothills, would be a gutsy move.
    Love the signs....

  3. What nice signs. I think my favorite is the same as yours, Pam. It has a great aged feel.

  4. CUTE Rooster signs! I'm a rooster fan myself! Hope you come by to see!!

    Have a great day!

  5. They're all really cute, Pamela. But I like the third one the very best. I love chickens and roosters. I used to have a kitchen full of that theme - until I moved to the farm and got real ones. lol

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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