Thursday, June 12, 2014

Paint Sunflowers Easy, Fast & Fun

Woo Hoo!
I have shipped the 98 signs I have been slaving over the past couple of weeks.
What a task!
I am so excited I just had to tell everyone.

Now on with the show.
I had posted this step by step back in October.
I am reusing it now as I have a video to accompany it.
Videos seem to really help me see how to do the steps so I figured it is the same for many others learning something new.
That being said, here goes.
First you can draw a circle or oval shape if it helps.
Many times I just start pouncing the double loaded scruffy brush around in a circle shape.
I use a dark brown and a black in the demo but if you look at actual sunflowers they come in a range of colors.
So go with the colors of what you are painting.
It helps me to find photos to mimic them.
I am using bottled craft acrylics here.
sunflower 1
Keep the brush in one position, not twisting and turning so you can see a definite form taking shape with the two colors.
paint sunflowers in acrylic
You can get an idea of what you should see but the video gives you a better visual idea.
Next you need to double load a flat brush (size of brush depends on the size of your sunflower, in this demo I used a #12 flat brush) with a yellow ochre or a darker gold color and a medium yellow.
Stroke the petals on.
paint sunflower strokes
Line up the chisel edge to your center, press, drag and let spring to a point as you turn the brush to the side.
bright sunflower painting
I will again link to the video below so you can watch after viewing all the photos.
how to paint a sunflower
Keep going around the center until you have petals all the way around.
fast and easy stroke sunflowers
You can do another layer of petals if you wish, that is shown in the video, these photos only show a single layer.
You will need to clean up the center,
just double load your scruffy again and tap over the base of the petals.
And voila'! You have a sunflower.
I also show how to do the half sunflower in the video.
Not that you couldn't have figured that out by yourself.
Go ahead and watch the video and I also demonstrate painting the leaves.
I kind of got off camera when painting the smaller leaves but they are basically the same as a petal.
If you wish you can actually go back and see the original post. CLICK HERE
So go and paint some sunshine!
Happy Painting!

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