Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Great Way to Use Up Zucchini

Zucchini Noodles or Pasta

Veggie Noodles, a low calorie and tasty alternative to pastaA couple months ago I read this post by Repeat Crafter Me about using a spiral cutter to make a lower calorie noodle out of zucchini.
I was intrigued, the dish looked very tasty.
Being on a weight loss regime myself I thought to give a spiral slicer a try.
She used a different brand than I did but I am sure hers would work just as well.
I chose the Paderno Tri-Blade Vegetable slicer to have more options.

This is what the Paderno looks like set up and ready to slice.
(the other type blades for different shapes and sizes are stored handily underneath)
veggie noodles makerYou turn the handle and the zucchini is turned into veggie noodles and spirals in no time.
Turn a squash into noodlesYou do get a long core and a little butt end but I just slice them and eat them too.
I blanch the veggie noodles in boiling salted water for 2 minutes and drain.
(To add a bit more flavor I have also blanched them in chicken broth.)
Now add whatever sauce you wish.
Tonight I had chicken sauteed in my home made oven roasted marinara (from my summer garden last year).
a little homemade oven roasted marinaraI don’t know that I have shared that recipe here yet.
It is a ‘must have’ to use up all those tomatoes and squash you have overflowing your harvest basket towards the end of the season.

Here is the zucchini noodles all smothered with marinara and chicken goodness with just a dash of Parmesan.
zucchini pasta, veggie noodles4Bon Appetit
This was very yummy and it resembles pasta enough to assuage my craving for it.
Even my carb lovin’ husband was impressed.
Last time I served it with my homemade Pesto (that too is from last summer)
I promise to come back with another garden tour post soon.
My garden is starting it’s yellow and oranges stage.
Have a great evening!


For a link to the Paderno Veggie slicer just click here then look in the sidebar for the Amazon Link.  It is an affiliate link but you still get the same low price. 

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