Friday, June 6, 2014

How to Paint Leaves in Acrylics

how to paint the leaves
Now that you know how to paint the flowers on this sign it is time to learn to paint the leaves.
Aren't you excited?
Actually I paint most of the leaves first on a design, it sets them to the back.
To see the first two tutorials on this just click here..
How to Paint Roses
How to Paint Lilacs
This little tutorial is on these particular leaves.
The scallop or shell stroke leaves and the smaller little leaves.
There is also a brief video you can watch to see how my brush and hand moves.
paint a leaf
I start with undercoating my leaves, (if I wish them to be opaque) with a light green.
I let that dry, then I double load my #12 flat brush with the lighter green and a dark green.
paint a leaf 2
I start on the chisel edge and press while wiggling back and forth to create a shell shaped stroke.
paint a leaf 3
As I near the tip I let my brush come back up to a chisel edge and twist to the side.
(I think this is a good spot to watch the video so you get my drift)

Don't flip the brush, but you should reload with paint.
Keep the dark side of the brush next to the light when beginning the next stroke.
leaf tutorial (4 of 5)
Do it the same way you did the first stroke and let your brush spring back to a chisel edge.
leaf tutorial (5 of 5)
And there you have a leaf.

Here is a another video that I made quite awhile ago on painting leaves,
no talking, just painting.
You can watch me paint a few.
Its about 2 minutes long.
Try not to get two tips on the leaf,
that happens to me a lot.
Once again, here is the link to the video.
(in case it is not working above)
How to Paint a Scallop Leaf
and that is pretty much it.
FYI, I am testing out different suppliers of the brushes I like to see how they perform as far as price, shipping costs and customer service so I can give you  run down of the best places to buy good quality brushes.
It pays to use good quality brushes.
They are not cheap(comparatively) but well worth the bit of extra $$$ you pay for them.

Happy Painting.

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