Monday, June 2, 2014

Iris in My Garden

I love Iris.
And mine are at their height of  beauty right now, a true delight to my senses.
I must share all this colorful glory!
On the subtle side is Beverly Sills Iris.
She is so graceful and delicate looking.
Beverly Sills IrisJust to the left  is this ice blue Iris that is a perfect foil for her, the name of which I have long forgotten.
But if you go to Schreiners Gardens you are sure to find one similar.
Iris May 30-3The king of flamboyance amongst all of them is The Sultan.
Such an interesting contrast in colors
The Sultan IrisPrince George is just as regal, the orange beard a bright attention getter.
prince George IrisNot to far to his right is one I like to call Orange Sherbet, my absolute favorite ice cream flavor as a kid. Iris May 30-10Just behind Orange Sherbet is this gorgeous creature,

May 28-2I truly wish I could remember all the names of these Iris.
But again, you can find ones just as pretty or the same ones at Schreiners Garden
I am not an affiliate of theirs, just an ardent fan of their Iris quality and selection.
Continuting on down the same bed we come to this bright contender.
The foxgloves are just starting but they don't seem to be as lush as they were last Spring, most likely the lack of rain we had this past winter.

May 28-26An absolute favorite of mine is this Starship Enterprise.
It just glows with breathtaking beauty.

Starship Enterprise IrisIn a group they are even more stunning.
May 28-6A view of the side garden.
irissideLast Summer I did a post on how I divide and replant my iris.
Ta Da!
Here are the results.
All three of these beauties were part of the ones I dug up and transplanted that day.iristransNot only have they flourished but they are blooming away.
I have a few more of these to share but will save them for another tour.
My roses are going crazy right now too so that is a future post as well.
Happy Gardening!

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