Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Mega Millions Potting Bench

Yep, my humble, lowly DIY cedar fence board Potting Bench is my #1 Pinned item on my Blogs. 

Crazy!  The photos pinned are rather bland looking but it is something people have taken a liking to, blasé or not.

Over the past couple of years I have decorated it and redecorated it.    I was able to view it out my large sliding glass doors and I liked to see it all gussied up.  (past tense something has now taken its place, more on that at a later date)

This is one of the inspirations for my potting bench, I did not get a good photo but it was enough for me to go from. This was taken at a garden show in Boise, Idaho in 2010. There were tons of vendors with unique and beautiful things for the garden, if you are ever in Boise when they have this show I would recommend going. 


Potting Benches are one of the “Jack of all Trades” type piece of furniture.  I use it in lieu of a mantel, I have a wonderful wood stove that provides comparatively inexpensive heat for our little cottage on the hill but there is no fancy smancy mantel to decorate upon.  So my potting bench is transformed each season.


The creamy color is Annie Sloan Chalk paint and it has held up well for being outdoors for a couple years through all sorts of weather. 

And I do mean “all” sorts of weather. (The dark streaks on the back is mildew, that sands right off once warm weather returns.)


I loved my pink roses with it last summer, it set off my hypertufa planters I had made and planted with succulents. 


The top, in yellow, was not the chalk paint but a milk paint without the exterior additive.  I am sure if I had used the additive it would’ve held up much better. 


Styled for Autumn.


Now that you have seen all the ways to fancy up one of these babies, you probably would like to build one for yourself.  The cost for materials not counting the glue or screws was about $45. 

If you wish to view our step by step building of this versatile potting bench, please click on over  POTTING BENCH BUILD

Another thing I use my potting bench for is a backdrop for some of my sign photos. The back of this was left unpainted and the cedar has aged to a lovely weathered gray.

Time to go play in the garden.  Until next time…



  1. Great potting bench. I am in the processing of re-doing mine, which is just an old table I found put out for the trash man. But it's long and has good bones and is chipping looking. You have given me some great ideas - thank you so much. I love the way you decorate it for the seasons.
    Have a great week.

    1. I love redoing trash to treasure. Be sure and share when it is complete.


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