Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hand Painted signs and a sewing class

I have been busy…busy painting signs. 
That is a very good thing.  I work in my fabulous studio that everyone envies (I can’t blame them I love it!) and if it is warm enough I have the French doors swung wide to enjoy the blooms just outside.
One of the signs that kept me busy this week.   It came together so easily, the pansies covering the ground at the base of my Grandpa Nute rose were my reference as well as a photo the customer sent me. 
I am not that great with small lettering but the signs below required them, tedious for me.
They went out this week for a Bridal shower.  The customer must be from Jersey.
Ya Think.


This Yellow Roses sign was ordered along with a custom Secret Garden sign.  Time to paint another. 
One last sign to share for today..
secret garden may 560
Now I am off to watch an online class.  My sewing machine has been calling to me and I want to brush up on some techniques.  Have you ever taken a Craftsy Class? 
They are having a sale this weekend.
I signed up for the Sewing with Knits class but there are lots of others available.  The sale runs through the 27th if you want to give a class a try.   60% off is pretty good.  They also have some free ones.  

Online Sewing Class Ta ta…

PS:  I am an affiliate with Craftsy.


  1. Sorry to fuss about grammatical things, but there should not be an apostrophe in the sign that says 'The Klea's'. If it said 'The Klea's Cabin' or something, then yes, but without an object for the possession, we aren't supposed to use possessive. Nana's Garden, yes, The Kleas, no.


  2. You are so correct, Laura. But that is how the customer ordered it and I give them what they want. I could've pointed out that the spelling was not correct but didn't. :) At one time she was going to order The Klea's House or Home so that would've fit and maybe the apostrophe was overlooked when she did not use the extra word.


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