Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My garden keeps blooming, May 15th

I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday.  I cannot believe how quickly flowers just start popping open all over the place when it gets sunny and warm this time of year. 

I have a few more photos to show you from my walk this morning and one from a few mornings ago, I had forgotten to share my Rhododendron that has not bloomed in 6 years and has this.

If you recall I mentioned having another color Iris that is scented deliciously like Grape Kool Aid and this is it.

It is even more powerful that the one I shared yesterday. 

old kool aid iris

I have them scattered throughout the garden so as you walk you can be delighted by their sweet perfume. (makes you wish this was ‘scratch and sniff’ doesn’t it)
This iris is rather understated with its dull yellow color but still a beauty.


If you stopped in yesterday I had shared a shot of my Purple Speckled Idaho Homestead iris, and behind it was a peach colored bud, well this morning she was open and ready to shine. You can see the speckled one behind now.


I attempted to get a good shot of the front garden today.


I know that ugly fire hydrant and snow pole is distracting but I work around them.  I have vines climb the pole to disguise it in summer and the Black eyed susans grow up taller than the hydrant so it is not as visible either later in the summer. 
Below is my Fire Witch dianthus, love this stuff, I keep saying I am going to get more and make an edging of it along my walkway.  It is so bright and cheerful and it blooms and blooms.


Now to my favorite Clematis…. Warsaw Nike.  Why is it my favorite???  Because it blooms not once but ALL summer long and it is a hearty soul here. 

warsaw nike clematis

It is climbing up my back deck rail and is nearly to the top.  I will have to attach a lattice above the rail to let it climb even higher soon.

warsaw nike clematis climbing

Here is my parting shot for the day.  This is the front walk entrance from our upper driveway.  This iris along with my Bourban clematis steal the show right now.

front walk iris and Bourban

Here's to sunny skies today! Tomorrow we are to have rain but the garden needs it so I will not begrudge a day or two for a good soaking rain.



  1. Do you not have any plants that can cover the hydrant and pole during the spring? Nevertheless, you have a great-looking garden, Pamela. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures when all your plants are in full bloom. Thanks for sharing!


  2. {Pamela, your garden is stunning. The iris are very pretty and great colors. At least you won't have to water - te rain will take care of that.
    Thanks for showing us your lovely garden.

  3. I just love looking at your blog! Your photos are stunning and I love reading about your garden, etc. We can't grow iris and clematis in my part of Florida (too hot) so you can imagine how much I enjoy seeing your cool (in many ways!) garden. Gorgeous!

  4. Your garden looks lovely! I've been looking for the 'Fire Witch' Dianthus and have not found it in our local garden centers. Its color is stunning. And I'm obsessive about clematis, but I don't have 'Warsaw Nike,' but if it's a repeat bloomer, I will be on the lookout for if I need one more clematis!


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