Monday, December 3, 2012

We are Home again.

I think I have recovered enough from our trip to dig into necessary things around here. 

First I have to ship off this sign which was ordered while I was gone.

And I need to customize this one to ship out.

So needless to say I gotta get busy.

The trip home from Idaho was eventful.  More than we desired as we were so tired already.  The nasty rains that flooded the Valley here was in full force as we came over Donner Pass and half the time you could not see anything for the water covering your windshield.  Plus because of the late start we got it was 1:30am as we trucked on over it.

Then I got a blow out on my Burb, had to wait an hour and a half for AAA to get to me (I am sure they were extra busy that night so no complaints, just a statement of fact) and change the tire.  I did feel sorry for the tow truck driver that had to change it in the relentless downpour, first he had to dig out my packed to the gills backend of the Burb to access the tools while I sat in the dry and warm front seat.

My husband was ahead of me about 2 miles or so and since he was towing a huge trailer he could not get back to me.  Of course, all of this occurred in an area that is remote as could be but thankfully I did have cell service and my AAA membership paid for itself with that one call. 

We pulled in to our driveway at 5am in the morning, both of us had been up since 5am the previous morning so to say we were tired is a severe understatement.  We only grabbed what we needed before letting ourselves into our cold house and climbing into a freezing bed.  I did crank up our central heat and quite frankly we fell asleep so promptly that I don’t know that it made a difference. 

Until we got up and it was quite cozy about 4 hours later.  We could not force ourselves to sleep during the daylight hours so we got up and though we felt like we had been run over by the truck and trailer we bumbled around getting a few things unloaded and unpacked.

Do you remember this picture?


This is the trailer my husband drug home. On it is an airplane mold for a prototype plane our company was working on a few years back when the economy took a dive and it halted all our projects of the moment.

Following him and seeing the double takes countless people did as they exited buildings, or driving down the road etc was quite humorous.  It did not fail, we stopped to get fuel or to grab a bite to eat and we were approached by every tom, dick and harry plane enthusiast to ask about it.  We could over hear others taking bets on what it was, some voted for a submarine, another a rocket ship then they would approach us and ask. 

Now that November is over and gone, this moving is done we have to hit the ground running in December to catch up on our stuff. 

I have finally dove into the rebuilding of my website.  My website software I used is out of date and not compatible with Windows 7 and I have needed to learn a new software for ages but did not have the time.

I still don’t but it is a necessary thing so I must make time. 

Because my current website would be disrupted (therefore my sales)I have had to start from scratch with a new website and business name.  So far this is the header with the new name. 


The choosing of the name happened last summer during our yard sale.  I had a trio of ladies that came by during the last day and they were a fun group. 

They were laughing, having a great time and found tons of goodies to buy.  They loved my garden and requested a tour of it and my studio.  We chatted about what I did and what I would like to do and they decided between them to name my studio.  The one suggestion of branching out into garden accessories, offering seeds of my many flowering plants and letting folks tour my garden (which I could place my garden accessories that are offered up for sale in)was not a bad one either. 

But anyways they tossed about a batch of funny names and quickly dismissed them then someone said Flower Patch Farmhouse, it had a ring to it.

It fit with the garden theme and the old farmhouse buckets changed into planters, the farm house table I use for a painting bench and what I had in mind as far as where I would like to take the business. 

So it stuck, in my brain anyways.

And when I decided to start a website from scratch that is what I called it. 

My current website focuses on my paintings and signs but I have networked with friends and many have things to offer so this will hopefully be a boutique of a variety of hand made treasures. Vintage style aprons, crochet items, refurbished furniture and pillow covers. 

It could totally flop, or I may end up just using it as I do my current website.  But who knows, I won’t until I try.  So here goes.

Actually the website is live but it is a mess, a total and complete mess.  This new (to me)website platform (wordpress) is so foreign to me that I feel like a non-swimmer that has been thrown in at the deep end of the pool!  

Okay, time to get off of here and get to work. 

December is going to be a great month, I have decreed it!

POPT (power of positive thinking)



  1. Hi Pam, I'm sure the new site will all work out in time. You do such great work, your fans will find you!


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