Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chalkboard Art

Good wet Wednesday all.  It is a good day to spend in the studio painting, the rain pours and I have the heater cranked up to keep me toasty as I paint away.

I have a couple more sign orders to fill and in between painting the signs I have been working on some chalk boards.
I do love the way the colors stand out against the black chalkboard paint.  I bought a small test bottle but I have numerous ideas of things to turn into chalkboards so buying a quart of this stuff is on my list. 

This first one is a cabinet door, I have yet to trim the inside rim and I am thinking a nice soft gray to outline it the black. 
I should’ve written something on it in chalk for you. 
Hmmm…I always thing of these things a bit late.  

This next one is just a piece of plywood, I shall put a frame around it and paint it or stain it, I have yet to choose. 

I just love the lavender with the yellow.


These are both a good size to hang in the kitchen as menu boards or maybe to have a grocery list. 

I have a few clipboards I am going to paint up next.
Along with all this painting I am slowly working on my new website.  I no longer am completely overwhelmed with learning the new platform and am actually getting accustomed to it enough to enjoy the creative process. 

It will still be awhile before I have it running properly as I only work on it an hour here and there.

I am not only learning to build a website on Wordpress but how to create my own themes so I am not dependent nor restricted by premade themes created by others. 
I am told learning a new skill increases the synopsis in the brain and therefore keeps it sharp which (I hope) will offset the damage done by banging my head against my desk in frustration.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Pamela,
    These are by far the BEST looking chalkboards that I've ever seen. Just gorgeous!!
    Good luck on learning your new computer skills, I had to laugh to myself because I often feel the same way as banging my head against my computer. :0)

  2. I always thought your flowers were beautiful, but boy they are even more beautiful against the black background! How cool!

  3. wish i could paint your lovely roses!

    hope you'll have a moment to stop by, and i'm hosting a giveaway as well today:

    peace to you.


  4. so pretty...makes me inspired to pick up my paint brush...

  5. They are both beautiful. I like the pink one the best of course!

  6. Pam, when you paint on the chalk paint, if a mistake were made would it wipe off nicely?


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