Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I am so glad to be Home.

That title is heart felt.  For awhile around 6pm it did not look like we (my partner and I) would make it home for a long time.  We were on the wrong side of a closed highway. 

The Ramsey fire is now at 800 acres and is only 10% contained. 

This morning we were hesitant to go up to work in Bear Valley as we would have to drive past the fire area but we were reassured that all was good. 

We drove past a lot of scenes like this..


Right on the shoulder of the road. 


It was rather creepy feeling.  But knowing they would not have the road open if it was not safe enough we just trucked on up the hill to do our cleans for the day.  The fire was never far from our minds and it was with great relief that we welcomed a thunderstorm with pouring rain about 4pm.

I tried to get photos of how intense the rain was but they did not turn out,  the water was running off the roofs of the condo units we were in like a rushing waterfall.  It sounded, smelled and felt wonderful.  We hoped that the rain was hitting the area engulfed in flames but being the mountains it could be raining hard in one spot and not a mile or less down the road it can be sunny and bright. 

We finished our last clean at 6pm and though we heard the highway was closed (our route home) we decided to head down and take our chances.  Yep, the road was closed, for the most part, but they were letting residents with ID thru in small groups escorted by a CHP officer in his patrol car. 

As we drove past fire trucks, sooty faced fire fighters and charred forest this kept flying low over our heads.


I am not sure what he was doing but I am sure it was important.

Every now and then we could see a huge tree engulfed in flames, it was an impressive sight.


The fire crews looked a bit tired and it was heartening to see our local crews were not in this alone, lots from surrounding areas are joining the battle.

The local guys..


California Hotshots


US Forest Service


All photos are courtesy of www.thepinetree.net and the folks that contributed them to the slideshow of the fire. 

Once home I called my husband who is in Idaho this week doing some clean up at a house we had lived in there and I reassured him I was home safe and sound. 

So far no heavy smell of smoke as we have had the past few nights so maybe some rain did reach the fire area, I know it tried to here. 

That is it for my exciting day.  A heavy downpour would be a good thing.  I know what to include in my bedtime prayer…

Goodnight all.



  1. Wow! How sad. Stay safe. Praying for all the people.

  2. Goodness, I hope all is better now? And that rain has arrived. Prayers said. Be safe!

  3. I hope you and your house/property are safe. Those photos are amazing. Isn't it funny how sometimes we really want it to rain, and other times we are cursing it!


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