Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Christmas Cactus Blooms in July?

You may recall this post I did back in January

Christmas Cactus cuttings


I have lost only a few of the cuttings but since I have two in each pot and duplicate pots I am still very pleased with their progress, especially as I have been negligent a time or two with watering on especially hot days so the losses were entirely my own fault.

To my surprise and delight I already have a bloom, in July! 
First a lovely bright bud..


'Then a full on flower.  I can’t wait to see what the others do.
They are still on the small side but that is most likely my neglect.  I have now moved them to a spot that I will be sure to see them so even in the busiest of times I won’t forget to water.


Enjoy your day, I am off to help some family move.  It should be enjoyable even if it is to be 100+ degrees in the Valley!

Tomorrow I want to post my August 1 garden walk photos for my garden journal.  There are tons of photos so if you wish to enjoy a tour come on back to indulge.



  1. How exciting to see Christmas Cacti blooms in August! You must have withheld water at just the right point to trigger blossoms.

    I'm rooting some from a friend. All she could tell me was that they are 'different colors' so they remain a mystery until they root and bloom. All I had before was a bright red-orange. I hope for white and pale pink.

  2. I have had my Christmas cactus bloom in the summer most years as's kind of neat and surprising when it happens! :)


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