Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Morning’s Blooms

To say I am enjoying the weather this past week or so is an understatement!  Mild morning temps around 50 degrees with highs no greater than the mid-80’s.


As most know I am a summer gal, love the heat and getting outside in it but I think I love the mornings the most.  I take my coffee to the garden and see what fresh bloom is awaiting me.  My garden is a “free for all” grow where the seed drops, cottage, chaotic paradise so I never know what will crop up or where.

I have certain perennials in specific locations but the biennials and reseeding annuals are allowed to have their way.  I let seed heads remain in the fall on certain varieties like my Echinacea and rudbeckia so the birds can feast on them.  They are easy enough to yank out if they sprout in areas I don’t want them.  

I also love the quiet, it is relatively peaceful at 5:30 to 6 in the morning and the scent of the morning air is so refreshing.  I saunter along the garden paths with the morning birds serenading me.  Yep, heaven for me!

And this is what I saw this morning.

Some new iris have opened up..



My Lupine is such a gorgeous fuchsia!


I absolutely love this Firewitch Dianthus, the foliage is more finely cut than other Dianthus.


My Pear tree has little pears on it!  I am surprised as I figured the late freezes had zapped any chance of getting fruit this year. 


The Dream Weaver climbing rose has buds.  Woo hoo! 

They are a little ravaged, I have these little needle nose beetles that like to munch on them.  I need to start taking a cup of soapy water out with me in the morning and knock the beetles into it.  No mercy here if you damage my flowers!


Since my last post I have painted a few more signs (photos another day) and worked in my garden as much as I could fit in.  I have more tomatoes to plant, I need to replace my peppers that croaked in the cold spell we had at the beginning of the month and get my squash seeds planted.  We can hope for an Indian Summer so they have a chance to produce before cold weather strikes again but gardeners live in hope!

Yesterday we went to the Fathers Day Fly In at Columbia Airport.  My husband is a plane enthusiast and pilot so this was a treat for him.  I had my camera but accidentally left it in the car.  I wish I would’ve gotten it out but got lazy.  There were several vintage planes that were on display that were eye candy, the shape and colors of them cannot be matched by the sleeker modern versions, at least in my opinion. 

This afternoon we are to work together in the garden, getting the last of the veggies planted, maybe get my front porch bench put back together and some other chores accomplished. 

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. I also love the early mornings getting up around 5'ish or so. It is nice and cool and the birds (I call them the coffee club) are all greeting me as I walk around with my coffe checking things out. I like your gardening style, a little organized chaos, I call it, but hey, it works. Your flowers are beautiful.
    Enjoy your day with hubby ~ Debi

  2. I love early mornings when everyone is asleep and all is quiet. Sadly, we only have heat and dusty days here so there's no outdoor activities. I don't like structured gardens so yours is just perfect. And the weather sounds great too. Enjoy! Tammy

  3. Beautiful photos and flowers Pam. I used to have Lupine but not sure what happened to it. I am glad that you had a good Fathers Day and hope your week is beautiful!


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