Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Progress with my seedlings

It has been so lovely the past few days, mid 60’s for a high so time in my greenhouse has been glorious.  I have so many seedlings out growing their community pots I must pot some up each day.  I am using 3.5 to 4 inch pots and my compost mix to plant them up in.  I use 4 parts compost, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite and 1 part sand. I have run out of the vermiculite so I have substituted more perlite until I restock.  The greenhouse still gets a bit too cold at night as the roof panels still need to be put back into place from the last snow storm that had them buckling. The gaps in the roof allow the warm air to escape.
Our temps have been dropping into the 30’s some nights.  Most of the seedlings will do fine as they don’t mind some cold but not my tomatoes.  I have been moving them in and out morning and night which is rather a pain but I am hoping for some warmer nights soon and the snow is melting fast so we will be able to access the panels to fix them, which will keep the heat in more efficiently. 
Early Girl tomatoes. 
I rather over did the Brandywine, I have over 30 seedlings but I will have a plant sale towards planting time which is late May so no waste.  I also have the fabulous sauce tomato called Costuluto Genovese, it makes the richest marinara I have ever made. And I have the best oven roasted marinara recipe that is so easy.  This is one of 3 tubs of seedlings! 
Remember my Delphiniums, here are the seedlings I started a couple weeks ago, I have another batch going.  I will have A LOT of English Delphiniums started.  I will sell some off when they get bigger along with other specialty plants I grow from seed that you cannot get from the garden centers. 
Some of the tomatoes potted up, they are still in a bit of shock in this shot but I have gone out and checked on them again and they are already perking up. 
Between potting up chores I have been painting.  I had a special order come in and I painted it up for the customer. 
They wanted the lettering to be dark blue, though it looks black in the photo.
While I was painting I whipped up a couple vintage looking signs as well.
I need to do a bunch of seafood or beach signs, my stock is low on my website.

And I finally decided on what I wanted to put on that Flowers sign…I added some faded red flowers. 
This will go up on the website as well. 
Seems we are to be hit with another winter storm, only for one day but anymore snow right now is annoying.  It gets in my way.  I have some big furniture building and painting plans along with some studio revamping and I can’t really get to it until it stays nice and the snow is melted.  Sigh!
May your days be sunny and bright!
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  1. Your signs are really cute. Love the little string of roses dancing across the garden sign. ~ Sarah

  2. Beautiful signs--especially the flower one. Your greenhouse is fabulous too. Thanks for linking up to my Share the Love link party!

  3. i love your signs...i will have to check out your website!!

  4. As much as I love flowers and my yard, how nice it would be to have a green house. Lucky you.

  5. Adoring the farm fresh eggs sign - i could use that on my coop - do you do custom colors? xoxo

  6. I love your signs. I am off to visit your website. :)

  7. Hey Pamela!
    Looks like progress to me! Love your signs too!

  8. Beautiful pics and beautiful painting! Your life looks "charmed" ... but I know there's a lot of hard work that never stops!

  9. I love all of those signs. Thanks for sharing at my Swing into Spring party.

  10. looks great,love the signs. i have a party that goes from tues-thurs, i would love it if you shared this. http://typeadecorating.blogspot.com/2011/04/anything-goes-party-11.html

  11. What adorable signs...so cute.
    I wish I had a green house like yours. *sigh...
    Come by for a chance at an awesome giveaway of a Danish enamel house sign. They are awesome...and can be used ANYwhere you like numbers. :))

  12. Oh my goodness, all your signs are so wonderful!!!

    I bet you're having so much fun watching things bloom! :)

  13. Lucky you with a greenhouse and I see you make use of items at hand for the seedlings.
    Your signs are adorable with a vintage appeal.

  14. Why, yes, I did just find a most delightful blog!!! What a wonderful cottage you have here!

    Found you on the bloghop and hope you'll stop by and follow me back.

  15. Oh I adore your signs. Love your blog too. I'm visiting from Fishtail Cottage. The seedlings are looking good and healthy. Hope you have a great weekend.

  16. Envious of the greenhouse. The signs are wonderful.

  17. I'm itching to get into the greenhouse as well, but we still have a lot of winter going on. Love your signs!

  18. great looking signs. LOVE vintage look. we r new followers!

  19. What great signs, you're so talented. I'm going to have to check out that sauce tomato.

  20. Such beautiful signs, wonderful creations!

  21. don't you just love being in the greenhouse???? yours is looking good! thanks for linking in today...
    I also would like to know if you would like to be interviewed to be featured in my other blog that I share with a girlfriend...it is called growing 4 seasons...we have a section reserved to showcase friends with greenhouses? let me know! I'd love to add you to the posts!

  22. I love your greenhouse! The signs are great. You certainly have been busy.

  23. Hi Pamela! Your greenhouse is a dream! Not to mention your sweet studio which is absolutely awesome! I love your distressed signs, girlie! You are certainly a talented artist! Off to check out your shop! :)

    xoxo laurie

  24. How talented u are. I love the greenhouse, the seedlings look to be doing great. U sell the signs? Where can i purchase one?....ur latest follower, Bonnie

  25. Lookin' good! (I want a greenhouse :( me pouting!) Love your signs!


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