Tuesday, April 12, 2011

7 posts I would like to do.

How do you settle on a blog post when you have a million ideas running thru your brain?  I have so many things I want to blog about.  When my brain starts to overflow with ideas and my thoughts whirl about it is time to make a list.  Here is a list of blog posts and/or projects I want to do. 
1. I want to build and do a tutorial on building a potting bench like this:
sorry the photo is blurry.  I have another shot of one similar I had spotted at a Garden show in Boise last spring but I can’t find it.  I have the material setting in the garage awaiting a warm enough day I can stand to work out there.  I love my creature comforts, like being warm!
2. I want to write a post on starting rose cuttings using an old wood box and an aquarium.  I started a ton off my roses..
3.  I want to write a post on facing fore closure and how you can only go up from here.  I am certain others are facing such a fate thru no fault of their own, so many are and yet you can look at it as an opportunity rather than a disaster.  We are facing it now and maybe this is a start on a new adventure. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my little yellow house, we have brought it up from a humble mountain chalet to our cottage with a wrap around porch.  It took us years to get it where we wanted it.
But sometimes reality is a tough pill to swallow and you just gotta swallow it! Might as well make the most of it.  I see this as the chance to move down out of the snow.  I am so tired of it and the short growing season I have here so I can see the bright side. I will do a post soon and let you see the inside. 
4.  I want to do a post on revamping my Studio.  I want to gussy it up and make it more of a show room of my painted treasures. (my hubby swears he will dismantle and take my studio with us when we must leave, that should be a trick!) I want to do more furniture fix ups and build more from scratch.  I love working with wood. 

5. I want to make a pallet garden and plant if full of herbs to sit out the kitchen door.  Makes it easy to get to while cooking.  I can easily take it with me too. I will be sure to share the step by step with you.
Post image for How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden
6.  I have some crazy ideas of working with burlap. I have been inspired by so many things I have seen in blog land.  I enjoy seeing all the projects and the instructions on working with different textiles, it sparks new ideas for me.  I love painting so you know I will be painting on the burlap!
7.  I want to share some of our favorite recipes.  Like our homemade pizza dough.  We like it better than any restaurant or fast food pizza and it is so easy with a bread machine (mine was a thrift store find so no great expense in getting one).  I have an excellent french baguette recipe as well, it was most likely the reason I put on 10 pounds this winter.  It was worth it.  (I have lost it again, thank goodness!)
That is only 7, I can list more but I will leave you with that.   And I need to decide how to define this blog.  It is not just a garden blog, painting blog or a decorating blog.  I am not sure where I fit in, I just know I enjoy it.  So you will get a mish mash of what is going on and know you can always expect the unexpected. 
As for my root canal this morning, it went without a hitch.  My mouth is sore but for the most part I am out of pain, with the help of Advil to curb the ache from them wrenching on it for an hour.  I still have to get the crown put on and that will be done in a couple weeks.  I am glad it is done.  
Afterward I ran to the grocery store and post office.  Came home, ate some lunch and started to paint on signs.  I received a couple more orders today so my work list is beginning to stack up.  I really need to pot up some more seedlings, they are outgrowing their community pots and need their own pots to stretch their roots out in.
I will try to get that done tomorrow.  Another small storm rolling thru but we are to get rain instead of snow. 
Until we meet again…sweet dreams.


  1. I would love to learn about starting roses!! And I think your positive attitude is such a blessing! Thank you!

  2. Your positive attitude will carry you through letting go of your little mountain cottage... You are right, so many folks are walking in your shoes right now. All of your ideas sound exciting and so creative...Just keep'm coming!

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